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Updated Media/Office Room on a Budget.

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**Made some changes ... see below posts...

The room is 14' x 13'. Used as a Home Office and Media Room.


Sound Processor:
Lexicon DC-1

Power Amps:
Amp 1: AudioSource Amp 100 (Bridged - Center Channel)
Amp 2: Audioengine N22 (Powering L/R - Speakers)
Amp 3: AudioSource Amp 100 (Powering L/R Rear Speakers
(Will be replacing above with a Single 5ch Amp)

Speakers - A mix & match:
L/R Mains: Klipsch Heresy 1's (Like these for 2ch listening) - Custom Stands
Center: Vienna Acoustics Theatro
Subwoofer: Klipsch SW-110
Rear Surround: Boston Acoustics SubSat Six

Philips LED 39" Smart TV - 1080p
Samsung Blu-Ray Player
Mac Mini/Apple TV


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That's quite an eclectic mix of speakers. I like the look of the room though and I imagine the Heresy's sounds pretty phenomenal. How long have you had that DC-1? You don't see too many of those around anymore. Great sound quality though. Do you plan on upgrading to something with HDMI eventually? Or are you ok with it because you only have 2 video sources?

edit I forgot to ask, does your DC-1 have the DD and DTS additions?

edit 2 Nevermind I see it in one of the pictures. Nice, I can imagine how clean everything sounds, especially music.
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Yes, quite the mix of speakers, lol. The system was just a 2.1 channel, the Heresy's and Sub, and yes the Heresy's sound great! I then found a great deal at my local HiFi store on the Vienna Acoustics center channel … too good to pass-up. I had the Boston Acoustics … so I figured why not set the room up for watching some movies too smile.gif. I just purchased the DC-1. Sounds nice, still calibrating it to the room. I'm okay with it … with only two sources, just don't need HDMI right now. In my living-room, I do have a new Pioneer HDMI Receiver and full Klipsch Reference series of speakers, etc.

Just saw your edits ... answer, Yes.
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Cool. Are you going to show us the living room system? I'd be down for seeing it too.
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Originally Posted by pcweber111 View Post

Cool. Are you going to show us the living room system? I'd be down for seeing it too.

Sure, I'll snap some pics tonight ... it's cluttered with my 2yr old's toys at the moment, lol!


The Living Room Equipment is:

Reciever: Pioneer VSX-1021-K
Blueray Player: Sony BDP-BX2 (HDMI)
Cable Box: Time Warner Cable Explorer 8300 HD (HDMI)
TV: Panasonic 42" Plasma TH-42PX75U (older, our 51" just bit the dust)

Front L/R: Klipsch Reference RF-42
Center: Phantom (new entertainment stand has no room)
Surround Side: Klipsch Reference RS-41
Surround Rear: Onkyo Speakers (not sure what model, but they fit the room nice)
Subwoofer: Velodyne VA-1012XII
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Oh man I've been there, done that with the toys lol. Once I got my son a new toybox for his room that stuff stopped. Now I just worry about the random lego or hotwheel I might step on now in the middle of the dark lol.
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Some poor photos of the living room lol ...

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Very cool klipsch Heresy's. I really like those speaker stands.. I've been keeping my eye out for some quality used klipsch on Craigslist just haven't found the right ones.. Your set ups look great and those Heresy's must sound incredibly.
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Thanks for the comments! I'll be replacing the above amps with a single 5ch. soon. And, yes the Heresy's sound wonderful, especially with the addition of the sub.
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Made some changes, still trying it out though ...

Now using an H/K 1565 Receiver (basic, but gives me HDMI finally)
NGX NX-Pro 4 Speakers (L/C/R) - Actually Sound Nice, Match, and very affordable.
Boston Acoustic SubSat Six Rears
Klipsch SW-110 Subwoofer
Apple TV
Sony Blue-Ray
Philips 39" LED Smart TV
Harmony One Remote

Moved my 2 channel setup to the other side of the room.

Using the Lexicon DC-1 as a 2 ch preamp
AudioSource Power Amp
Firestone USB Dac
Mac Mini/iTunes
Klipsch Heresy 1's
Klipsch SW-110 Subwoofer

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