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"However, I would need to implement some serious time delay here, right?"

that would be a good place to start, but who knows what kinds of interaction effects you are going to run into with this plan.

"I'd also like to HP the SVS a little too, maybe like as a more of a mid bass Nearfield type sub? Am I crazy?"

I don't really understand this part, but the easiest way to give it a higher roll-off point would be to plug the ports. you are saying that you want to use your low sensitivity sub for near field midbass (but still cross over at 80hz?) while you have a high sensitivity horn already covering the upper bass?

Yeah I guess in didn't complete think that through. Just trying to somehow implement both subs so one is not just sitting...But I'm not sure if there is a really good practical way to do it. I actually just hooked them both up for fun in opposite corners of the front to the room and it's sounds pretty amazing but I haven't done any testing yet so I'm sure there are some crazy things happening there. Oh well, anybody wanna buy an SVS?? smile.gif