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Panasonic 58" TC-L58E60 + Soundbar = $999 @ Best Buy

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Pretty sure this is the best deal that has popped up during the life of this TV. Picked up one myself and it'll be arriving next week. Stoked.

Also played with the soundbar a bit in store and paired my phone with it; surprisingly well behaved given the lack of sub.
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I was set to buy an ST60 talked to the sales person to drop the price he did, turns out they didn't have it in stock. Long story short I went with the 58"E60 got this deal and they dropped the price $100. OTD $953. @ BB South FL/SAWGRASS/SUNRISE STORE
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Still including the sound bar?
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B&H refused to match this deal, to give you an idea.
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BB TC-L58E60 and Sound bar OTD $853. I got an additional discount by asking for it.
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Care to post (or private mail) me a receipt? I'd be happy to get just the TV for $853 OTD.
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By the way, now i click the link and the special is not found anymore? anyone can confirm this special is still available? Also how did you get $853 with sound bar? did you get it by phone or in store? Thanks.
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I'm calling shenanigans. Best Buy is a corporate environment. One I've had the displeasure of working in. You don't get better pricing than is advertised, especially when that pricing is the best available anywhere, simply by 'asking for it'. Let alone 20% better pricing.
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Anyone is still seeing this special?
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I think the sound bar promo ended Saturday. But the TV price is still great.
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Thank you. I think I will wait for the price to drop more. LOL.
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I am looking at putting another ~$250 into a 6 year old Samsung HLS5687W DLP (color wheel, ballast and a new lamp) so this model/price is not too shabby. It would be hooked to home sound system so sound bar while nice is not needed.

It lists SKYPE as one of the network apps but no mention of a camera. So enlighten the ignorant please - how does that work? Is an add-on camera needed?

Edit: Amazon is price matching.

Edit2: Yeap I see the "Camera Sold Separately" now....

Back to TV shopping.... Suggestion welcome.... smile.gif
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Checked my receipt, I stand corrected the correct amount I got my 58E60 was $953 OTD @ BB. They discounted $100 and got the free sound bar lowering the price to $899.00 before tax. All I did was mention that I was ready to buy and What would be the best possible price they could do?. Sales person said $899 after checking the computer, that simple no back and forth price war. The sales person went to the manager to get approval, he did approved. It was fast! No matter what we paid $999 or lower, this tv set is pretty good for the price, PQ and features it competes with higher price sets from Samsung. I got a feeling that it will drop on price later on this year towards Black Friday. Check Amazon AND Paul's TV. I decided to support local employees, so I went to BB.
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I just went to my local Best Buy and saw the TC-L58E60 was priced at $1199.99. I'm actually in the market to two TVs so I tried to see if he could do better than BB online prices of $999.99 (TC-L58E60) + $699.99 (TC-L50E60) for both TVs, and he said he couldn't budge at all. mad.gif So it's seems pretty remarkable that you saleman sold the TC-L58E60 with the free Panny soundbar for $899.99 (plus tax).
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I think I luck out. I suggest that you go at a different time of the day during a different shift or to a different BB. I have a few BB in my area I am in South FL. Did you check Paul's TV they have great prices? I bought a VT60 from them during their 4th of July sale, a week later they lowered the price. I called asked for a price adjustment and they refunded me the difference. BB, Amazon and Paul's TV have price matching policies. Go to CNET website and Google shopping for pricing.
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I'm still calling shens until I see a receipt. BB is barely willing to take their own coupons, let alone drop prices without any reason whatsoever.
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Dude really!!! I'm not bragging or anything like that about the price I paid. First opp tomorrow I will post a copy of the receipt PowerPC , it is simple. Read around the AVS forums like in the VT60 deals area for tips and Slickdeals forums read for negotiating strategies. To everyone on this thread search put a value or a max amount on your budget make the call, email the price match request or chat online with some of the sellers they will reply and negotiate with you. I would go and say I was about to make a purchase online for this whatever it is you thinking about buying tv, audio equip, whatever it is would you price match? what would be the best possible price? Could your lower it a $100.00 or $$$.00 and I would purchase from your store?. Use CNET, Google and Slickdeals..
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