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Audio Quality

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I returned to Netflix streaming after a two year absence and I am finding it much improved. However I am struggling to understand stereo dialogue, especially when there are no subtitles.

I am using an older "fat" PS3 which lists Dolby Digital, but not Dolby Digital Plus and a variety of PCM formats to HDMI 1.3 bitstreaming to a Pioneer VSX-31 AVR. With stereo I can get PCM or stereo sound. Content in Dolby Digital Plus is recognized as Dolby Digital.

I am using 6megabit u-verse internet service and am getting 3850 bps 1080 video. The u-verse vrad hub is within a quarter mile. I am getting the user profile, the time remaining bar and a choice of audio and subtitles, so, the quality of audio is my only issue.
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Not sure what your issue is. Both stereo and DD Plus audio sounds great to me using a Roku 2 and a Pioneer AVR via an HDMI connection. There may be an issue with the equipment you are using.

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DD plus is not listed as an audio selection for my older PS3. Dolby Digital Plus is not on the manual list. It may be offered for newer PS3s. I was just wondering if there is a way to add Dolby Digital Plus to the list.

As for the stereo problem it may be the content I was playing was from the 1980's. I am just wondering if there is a way to make stereo sound clearer.

But it is helpful to know that you are getting good results with the Roku 2.
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The Dolby Digital Plus two year old AVR indicator light perplex

My AVR used to say Dolby Digital Plus when it was getting Dolby Digital Plus. Now if it is 5.1 dolby digital plus it says Dolby Digital. If it is more than 5.1 it says PCM no matter the source. So, I do not have the reassuring indicator on my AVR anymore for Dolby Digital Plus. Something must have been changed. But the audio quality seems to be the same and it is not worth the money to replace the AVR with a newer model which might display Dolby Digital Plus.
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It looks like your receiver has Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC).

If this is similar to Audyssey have you tried whatever is the equivalent to Dynamic EQ http://www.audyssey.com/audio-technology/dynamic-eq

When we switched to a receiver with Audyssey it really helped with understanding dialog from all sources (satellite / Blu-Ray / streaming) at all listening levels.

For Netflix we have recently used both Roku 2 XS (DD+) and Apple TV (DD) and both sound great with Audyssey Dynamic EQ.

We can turn the volume up when we feel like it - but also at low listening levels the dialog is clear.

Edit Dynamic EQ seems to work well with stereo sources - but it is possible that 1980's titles you are trying just are not well mixed.
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Thanks undecided. You are correct. My Pioneer VSX-31 bought in 2011 is set to use MCACC.

I searched the VSX-31 manual using the word "dynamic" and came up with:
Dynamic Range Control: Adjust the level of dynamic range for movie sound tracks optimized for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. This is particularly useful for low volume listening. DRC can be set for Auto, Max, Mid and off.
SACD Gain: Brings out the detail in SACD's by maximizing the dynamic range during digital processing

Auto is the default setting for DRC so that is probably where it is set.
0 is the default for SACD

Also, I have subsequently gotten good stereo results so it was probably the sound track quality of View to a Kill that was the problem.
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