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ZVOX 850 Setup Question

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Hey Guys,
I was wondering if the masters could provide me some insight on the optimal way to hookup my new sound bar. I have about a 5-6 year old LG 55' flat screen. Currently, all my devices are plugged into my television via hdmi. My question is, would it be better to plug an optical cable directly from the tv out (assuming it has it..) or use optical audio cables on all my devices (PS3, Cable Box, Apple TV, etc) into a optical audio switcher and use that to change the audio source each time I use a different device? Any insight would be appreciated.
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I've found the easiest solution is to plug everything into the TV and one optical cable to the soundbar. The TV becomes your switcher in this case, and you don't have to buy anything extra. If you have an optical out that's going to be the best option, hands down. Especially because if you're watching program material in 5.1 the 580 will take care of that, and it'll sound great. Check your user manual. I'm sure it will outline in there what type of audio outs your TV has. If you don't have an optical out, or an analog RCA out, then a switcher might be in the cards for you.. but that will be much more clutter. Let the TV be your switcher.
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