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Today's Show:
Last week we gave you our opinion on which TV to buy for under $1000. This week we’ll do the same for AV Receivers, but for less than $600. As with TVs, there are many factors to consider when buying a receiver. And there’s also personal preference, past experience and brand loyalty. We’ve used all of those factors to compile the list, and we assume you'll apply your bias to it and find the one that fits your home theater just right.

We also discuss:
  • Redbox Instant channel launches for Roku players
  • REDRAY Starts 4K Movie Downloads with Danko Jones
  • The First 4K Movie You Can Download Is 160GB and Absolutely Breathtaking
  • The Great Fantasy Adventure Album by Erich Kunzel
  • I fixed my Toshiba HDTV!
  • Directv GenieGo
  • Sony's TV business helps the company turn a profit in quarter
  • What Ultra HDTVs can do for gaming, TV industries

and a lot more...

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