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Awesome Bi-polar Definitives, in gloss black. EXCELLENT CONDITION with the exception of one wife keeps unplugging the one to run the sweeper, and the amp has been blown 3 times. They still play beautifully without the one amp, it ONLY runs the built in powered sub. They must be plugged in with all signals 100% OFF. amp is currently blown, so only 1 has a working amplifier, the other will need replaced. I will include the second blown amp board as well. Socks, caps and speakers are great. The first time it blew, I had the sub in the first speaker re-coiled because the pop was so loud I thought it may have been damaged. I see the amps from time to time for $39- $49 on ebay.
HIGHLY PREFER LOCAL PICK UP. For less than $325 repaired you can have an awesome set of BiPolars!!!

I can ship, but I would take them to a pack and ship (estimated to be about $70 plus shipping cost) since I do not have any original boxes or packaging.
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