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70" or bigger, what's the best options?

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Our current TV is well over 15' away so I'm looking to replace my 56" DLP Sammy with a bigger screen. I really like the 64" Sammy F8500 plasma, but was hoping for something bigger. Since they don't make plasmas any bigger (that I can find), I'm looking at LED...BIG LEDs. Curious what folks thoughts are on the Sharp and Sammy options that are out there. I haven't looked at a new TV in 9 years (my DLP just won't die) so I'm not sure what features are more important than others. I watch sports (a lot) as well as movies. Sports I often watch in a lit room (but LEDs are bright anyway so I don't think that should be as much an issue as plasmas) but we watch movies almost only in the dark. Looking for a quality picture but don't want to break the bank ($3-$4K is OK).

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Samsung F8000 is over your budget at 75"
Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 at 65" seems to be the best option
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At 15', look at the 80" sharp models. We have the 80" 857 model, and we watch it at 18' (10' for 3D), and it has a very nice picture and holds up well to a bright room. Some content (cable chanels) look a litle grainy when you walk up to the screen, but pretty much everything will look good at 10 or 20'. Don't settle for a bad picture in the store, if it looks bad it needs adjusted. If you get a 65", you will wish you went bigger at 15'. Buy right and cry once, buy wrong and cry every time you watch it!smile.gif
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There are a couple of threads for the Vizio M series, including a dedicated one for the 80 inch Vizio M801d-A3, which is in your price range. Good review from CNET for the 55 inch M series. The M series uses passive 3D and many people find it easier on the eyes.
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I've had good experiences with the 2011 70" sharp (732U) and the 80" 2013 857U.

If you plan to use 3D, you should definitely decide if you prefer active or passive glasses. There are trade offs to both technologies. Sharp uses active glasses. If you go the active route, an advantage to this year's Sharp is that they sync to the TV using blue tooth instead of IR. The older glasses would lose sync if you looked away too long.
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