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HDMI Matrix Advice

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I am extending into my loft and am looking the best way to distribute TV signals.

At the moment we have 2x sky hd boxes, both with magic eyes.

One outputs hdmi to a sony lcd and with the magic eye to a 2nd screen. The other one outputs hdmi through a Yamaha 863 amp to a panasonic plasma, and by magic eye to an old CRT (at present, will be swapping) I also have a PS3 going through the Yamaha amp to the Panasonic.

I was thinking of distributing the 2x sky boxes and PS3 to 5 screens (2x downstair, 3x bedrooms)

by using a 4x4 matrix to keep cost down, and split one signal before it fed to the matrix.

The questions I have are how would I control the sky boxes at each screen?

Would I need lots of remotes and magic eyes?

Also, can two people watch the same output at the same time?

I know this is vague, but I am just starting to get my head round the issue.

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If you can live with ‘mirrored’ Zones the Octava HD44CATMX-UK has 1 x HDMI + 1 x dual RJ45 per Zone so no need to add in additional splitters.

Routed IR is provided in each of the ‘over dual CAT’ Zones so it would just be the non-CAT Zone you would have to plan additional IR for – how you do it will be governed by how flexible the Source control/selection in that Zone needs to be, happy to take you through some options.

You can view the same or different Sources in any Zone via the Matrix.


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Thanks for the reply Joe,

The Octavia looks like it fits the bill but sadly is out of my price bracket by a margin unfortunately.

Out of curiosity is there a NW reseller that would have this on demo?


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Hello Matt

Our ‘Dealer’ base is pretty limited at present – working on a plan to remedy that over the next twelve months.

We do have a 30-day ‘trial’ option the team in Atlanta will be happy to sort out with you if you wish to try out the system.

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