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In ceiling speakers for 3 rooms

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I have 3 rooms that I am about to wire for ceiling speakers:
A) Basement Office/Man-cave: 9' x 14', ceiling 7'3"
B) Basement Office: 12' x 19', ceiling 7'
C) Living Room (directly above basement): 13.5' x 19', ceiling 9'

My goal for sound for each room is not high-end sound, just a decent sound to fill each room, for music ranging from smooth jazz to rock to pop.

2 Questions:

1) I have conflicting opinions on how many speakers are needed for each room. Some say 2 speakers per room, some say 4. What do you think?

2) Also, I was thinking of using 8" speakers, regardless of if we go 2 or 4 per room. One source swears by Polk SC80i's, while another is recommending Dayton US820C's. Opinions welcome on this as well.

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I would recommended in-wall over in-ceiling if you have the option. 2 in the cave (TV in there? in-wall on either side of TV is good). possibly 4 in larger space, just for room spread.

Upstairs - I'm assuming the main listening space - I would really be looking in-wall.
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