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Help with sound proofing

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Hey, new here smile.gif

Wondering if you lot can help me.

Lets start out from scratch. I am now the proud owner of one of these:


Now... this has been such a hassle, this project. I had to basically have the thing craned over first of all, as it wouldn't fit through the house. Then I had to have a shed especially built for it.

Recently, in the past week, it has been "sound proofed".
Now, main noise will be obviously pad noise, and feet on the pad. I am going to be placing carpet down and removing the pads feet to minimize noise. Then will be the sound system of the machine. At night, I can simply turn the bass down/completely off, and obviously turn it down, but I want to be able to play at a reasonable volume even at night, and not disturb anyone.

This is a video of the before/after:

This is a video showing how loud it is inside (mobile phone at full blast (no electricity yet), and stamping on the pads to a beat, and then the sound outside, and from around the shed. All measured using an app on my phone:

First inbetween the joists were filled with insulation, then two layers of a special dense sound plasterboard has been placed above staggered so that both are not attached to the joists. The doors also have two layers but because the door is 60 inches wide, and a lot thinner than the walls, they are letting a lot of sound out.

If I go to the sides/back, the sound is audible, but a lot of that leaking is actually coming from the door, as you will see from the videos.

Since the shed has been sound proofed, and I'm planning on moving a lot in there, I do need ventilation. At the moment, the only source of ventilation is coming from small gaps in the door letting sound out.

What can I do?

I would really like to block out the sound completely by adding possible thicker doors, or even plastic doors that will seal all around.

But then, what about oxygen?

Do any of you have any ideas of a ventilator I can fit rather cheaply that will minimize sound output, whilst also letting in enough air to ventilate the space and keep me from passing out?
Also, any ways I could block the existing doorway, or fit a new one onto a wooden frame?

The shed is a 10x8 foot.

Thanks all,

Kage smile.gif
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Wrong forum? It seemed the most adequate being a game room
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