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Need some Vizio E551d-AO Help (120 Hz question)

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Ok, I realize there are a lot of experts here and these are some noob questions, but i've been surfing though my settings for over an hour and scouring the web and I can't find an answer.

So a while back we were watching a bluray (via a bluray player - not a ps3) at my brother's house on his older model vizio 47", and the movie had that "soap opera" effect. I was kind of indifferent to it...thought maybe after a while my eye might get used to it, but my wife really liked it. Anyway, we just bought this 55" vizio led, and i totally love everything about it, but the blurays (via my ps3) do not have that 120hz, "soap opera" look. I did some web searches and saw that samsungs have an "auto motion" feature where you can turn that feature off or turn up or down the strength of it. I am not seeing anything like that on the vizio. I'm just trying to figure out what is going on.
And why the 120hz doesn't appear the same as it did on my brother's tv. Is it likely his bluray players output settings contributed to this?
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SOE (Soap Opera Effect) is due to motion interpolation which is a feature setting of the tv, not the blu-ray player. Different mfrs call it different things (LG, for example, calls it TruMotion). Some tv's do it better than others and it is a personal preference thing which can lead to some fairly animated discussions.
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This is from memory since I'm at work & not near my tv,.
Go to menu, Then "Picture" settings then scroll down to "More" then "advanced settings" then the 1st option should be " smooth motion" or something like that, set it to "High", you wil now seethe SOE.
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This is from my memory, because I'm also not at my TV....but I swear there are no "motion" settings options whatsoever. I've spent hours tinkering with all the settings and i've been in the advanced menu, and from memory, there is Adaptive Luma, MPEG NR, Auto Dimming, and a few others but nothing to do with the framerate or motion settings. Do you have the exact same TV as me? Please if you can check again later when you're by your TV and let me know. Thanks
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It's in the Picture/More/Advanced menu about halfway down, it's "Smooth Motion Effect"
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do you have the exact same model as me? Because last night I spend another hour going through every single setting, and I do not have smooth motion or any setting that has anything to do with motion in the Picture/More/Advanced settings. On mine it's got MPEG NR, adaptive luma, color enhancement, auto dimming, and ambient light sensor...that's it. Maybe one or two other settings but nothing involving motion.

Would different setting options show up if i went through the settings menu again with all forms of input off? Like if I turn off the cable input to where the TV says "no signal" and then try it? I wouldn't think it would make a difference, but it seems bizarre to me that this vizio would be one of the only sets i've ever seen with no SOE and no motion settings.
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My apologies, I have the M551D, if I recall there is a way to enable / disable it on yours, turning game mode on or off will do it,I forget if Game mode on enables smooth motion or disables. I had your model tv for a week or so but returned it due to jagged 3D and I remember being able to do that
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That's bizarre because i tried the game setting on/off from the menu/settings list last night while watching the hobbit, because I thought that might do the trick, but I didn't notice any difference in video whatsoever.

Like I said before, my wife is the one who likes that soap opera effect, so i really just want to find out how to turn it on for her. But on a personal level i like to be able to figure all this stuff out on my TV and it's starting to drive me crazy. Is it possible this TV is one of the only ones out there that is 120 Hz but simply doesn't "do" the soap opera effect? Is it possible something is defective?
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It's a Vizio so anything is possible. Can you find your exact model at another store or online? The reason I ask is that sometimes mfrs will make a specific model for a specific dealer, slightly changing the model number so you can't price match, and then adding or deleting a feature or two so that it's not exactly like a very similar model that is available anywhere.
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It says "E551d-A0" on the box and on the white sticker on the back of the TV, and when i google it comes up at Best Buy (where i bought it), Target, Amazon, and several other stores.
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Well, then it appears that Vizio opted to not allow the user to configure the motion interpolation on that particular model, which is odd because most tv's nowadays have some sort of option to set that. However, some do it better than others.
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I was thinking of buying this TV, but there is no SOE (Soap Opera Effect) option to turn on? I like the fluid motion like I'm watching a live program.
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