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Problem with True Depth DLP-Link glasses

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I recently purchased an Optoma HD25-LV projector, and I ordered two pairs of the TrueDepth DLP-Link glasses to watch content in 3D. My wife and I sat down to watch a 3D movie, and we were having some problems viewing it. Once I got the projector properly set to DLP-Link, and got the glasses working, we were able to see the 3D working. However, it seemed like our eyes were being strained to focus while using the glasses, when you moved your eyes around you could see lines, kind of like interlace artifacts or something, I don't really know how to describe it. We currently have a passive 3DTV from LG, but I don't think that it is a problem with Active vs. passive, because we have seen 3D on an active Panasonic 3DTV and our eyes did not have any problem adjusting to it. I don't know if the problem was due to a difference in the freqency of DLP-Link (144Hz vs. 120Hz), because of the fact that DLP-Link closes both eyes for a split second (to block the link signal) while IR and RF do not, or if the True Depth are just not the best glasses. Does anyone have any advice? I don't know whether I should try another brand or style of DLP-Link glasses, or if I should switch to the RF glasses. BTW, what color is the DLP-Link signal supposed to be on the HD25-LV? It seemed to us that the picture was more blue until we got the glasses working right, but I thought that it was supposed to be a red link signal.

Thanks for any help.
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Unless the glasses are rated for 144 Hz they will not work. I have some Tru-depth glasses that worked on my HD33 but not on my HD25-LV. I tried IR glasses but the emitter interfered with my remotes so I switched to the Optoma RF glasses. The DLP Link flash on the 25 is white. It was red on the 33.
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My only problem with these glasses is they weigh a freaking ton.
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I contacted True Depth, their new glasses are rated for 144Hz (which is what I received), so they should be compatible with my projector.
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