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Has anyone else experienced this problem? It is supremely frustrating. I cannot get this TV to respond to commands from the remote control, and some of the facia buttons are non-responsive as well. Here is what I experienced.

I had the TV on the HDMI input (Video 7), and was trying to change it to another input to watch a DVD. The remote was not responding, so I replaced the batteries. I then used the TV/Video button on the remote. It worked a grand total of two times. It got me to the antenna and then to Video 1, and then would advance no further. The TV/Video button on the facia is non-responsive as well.

Also, the volume control does not seem to work on the remote or on the facia buttons.

Yes, the TV probably needs repaired, but it's probably just easier to replace the thing at this point. If there is any easy fix, though, I am all ears. Maybe the IR receiver is dirty?