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Kenwood Entre- Anyone got it or know it?  

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Anyone have any feedback on the Kenwood Soveriegn Entre?
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There's a nice "little" thread about the Entre here. Only 608 replies so far.... :)
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Thanks. I didn't expect to find it under "DVD Hardware." Thanks again.
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It's under DVD Hardware because it seems many Entre users purchased it just to control their Kenwood 400-disc DVD changers. The MP3 server features are secondary for these users.
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I own the Entre & DV-5900M -- In my opinion, I would seriously advise you to stay clear of this unit, until OpenGlobe & Kenwood get their act together or it drops below $500.

I originally purchased this unit to control the DVD Changer. I've tried using it as an MP3 server, but I have between 60GB & 80GB worth of music (Entre only has a 20GB drive). I was also considering purchasing additional changers and just using them for CD's -- but the Entre does not currently support this (although all their literature said it did).


* Very nice clean interface with cover art
* Controls Kenwood DVD Changer(s)
* Very quiet
* Attractive design -- it looks just like any other stereo component
* Music discovery -- it's a feature that lets you push a few buttons on the remote and it will show information about the currently playing CD (CD Only).


* Internet radio is very unstable -- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

* It cannot play MP3 files stored elsewhere on your network -- the files must reside on the unit.

* It's been almost a year since it's introduction and it still does not support more than one connected changer.

* Interface is not consistent across guides (Music, Movies, Radio)

* OpenGlobe's Media Manager software which is used on a PC to maintain CD/MP3 information is just about useless (extremely unstable). You will most likely use this tool to transfer mp3 files over to the Entre and to update tag information (incl. cover art and playlists).

* Various problems with the database that OpenGlobe provides for Music & Movies (this is where the changer support comes in). DVD Audio is not supported, missing DVD cover art, missing CD cover art, incorrect genre classification, etc.

* Interface is slow

* There is no crossfade for songs -- which doesn't seem like a big deal, until you take into account that it takes a long time to load and begin playing a disc in the changer.

* No USB Hard Drive support and the internal storage is way too small for a unit that wants to be a "Digital Entertainment Hub".

* I'm not at all happy with the level of support that's provided for this product (from Kenwood or OpenGlobe). If you look at similar products (Auditron, HP DE100C, Audio Request), alot of the companies have created discussion forums or at least have someone on their staff actively participating in forums not created by them.

* Several instances of what appears to be database corruption (duplicate entires in the various guides which you are not able to delete) which require that you refresh the unit to original factory settings -- which basically means you lose everything you put on it.


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