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Optimal way to connect AC - Sub, Receiver, Belkin PF30

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I have a Belkin PF30 power conditioner. A Onkyo SR805 receiver. And a Rythmik D15SE subwoofer.

I read somewhere that plugging receivers and powered subs into a power conditioner is a bad idea. Something about when power needs get high, the conditioner will clamp down on power and possibly damage the amp (???). It doesn't make much sense to me... but plugging my receiver and subwoofer into my PF30 is the only way so far I've been able to clean up my hum.

Is this an OK solution? Will I damage my equipment? Or should I continue looking harder to fix the hum problem? (House is grounded properly, cable line is newly grounded at the box, etc...)

Lastly, in the image below you can see there are 3 banks of outlets. Video, Audio, and a single "Hi-Current" outlet. Should I plug the sub or the receiver in the Hi-Current outlet? I can only choose one...

Thank you everyone!

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I have everything plugged into my strip, except my 5 channel power amp, including two subs.
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Plug your sub into the high current slot.
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This kind of power center (with MOV protection circuits) offers some limited protection against surges and has a warranty for connected equipment , but only if EVERYTHING goes through the power center. If you plug anything directly into the wall or any incoming signal comes from a device plugged into the wall your protection is bypassed and your warranty is void.

Consult your power center manual - check the amperage of the filtered outlets to see if they are sufficient for your AVR or your sub. If not, check to see if the power center allows you to split the high current outlet using a high current power tap. Barring both of these solutions, you could connect your sub to a separate 15 amp surge protector that also isolates the RCA signal cable connecting the AVR and sub basically making them two isolated systems - like this one. I did this in the past when my sub was on a different side of the room:

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