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Stepping up to new system..

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I am new here, and just took a part time job at local electronic store which means I am now able for a hefty discount so figured it is time to move on from my current set up ( Onkyo AV with def. tech, speakers currently using only a sub center left and right all of which will go into my den ) Tv is Samsung LED 50 which will be changed after the new audio set up so here are my questions

Rec. wise I have the following options

sr7007 for approx. 480.00
sr6008 for approx. 360.00
sr7008 for approx. 600.00

avr x4000 for approx. 390.00
avr 4520ci for approx. 750.00

I am leaning towards Marantz but not sure which one I will truly need do I need to go SR7008 or would the 6008 be fine. now onto speakers either Polk Audio or Klipsch.

Polk Audio front
rti A3 approx. 139 each
rti a7 approx. 179 each

Polk Audio rear
fxi a4 approx. 139 each

subwoofer polk audio
psw125 approx. 140 each


sw 450 approx.
sw 350 approx.

Quinet package

klipsch also has some bookshelf speakers , i will be using a wireless set for the rear.

sorry I am very new to this so any help would be great
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A little more information please......

What is the ultimate use for the system....movies, music, TV sound, etc. ?
What is your budget for the system
What type of room will the system be installed in ? Living room ? Den ? odd shaped room ?
Preference in speaker type ? floor standing ? bookshelf ? overall size of speakers a problem ?
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For the system it will be mostly movies and tv

budget is open to the options I have listed

will be going in living room, very high ceilings concrete floors

prefer floor standing as I dont think bookshelfs will fit on the tv stand
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For budget conscious home theater setups I always recommend Polk speakers, but at over half off Amazon's discount prices I don't think you can come close to their performance for that price! If you have room for the RTI A7, go for them. There are reviews of the RTI A3 that say they have better imaging which is common for a two way bookshelf, but if you are going for big home theater sound and impact I would go with the 7's.

More important, don't skimp on the center channel. The two-way CSi series will get the job done but won't give you the same impact as the mains and you really want big sound from the center channel - that is where the action is in soundtracks most of the time. The Polk CSi A6 would be the minimum I'd recommend but the higher end 3-way LSi center speakers would give you better horizontal dispersion to spread that sweet spot out to all seating positions and give you better voice clarity. Get the top of the line LSiM706c or LSiM704c if you can budget it and have the room.

Most of the small Polk subs are anemic, but that one (especially at that price) would fill the bill with the RTI A7's as mains. As for AVR, with those two brands it is more personal preference. If you were comparing a Sony and a Denon there would be no contest. Any of these are going to be able to drive those speakers, so I would recommend spending more on speakers if there is a budget issue. The AVR is probably going to be the first thing you replace down the road if you buy the right speakers.

Good Luck
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The AVRs you have listed should be fine. For speakers if you can do the RTi A7s go for them. But I would recommend getting the CSi A6 center.

I think you need to have a bigger budget for a sub. I would look to a Klipsch RW12-d as a minumum, it can be bought for about $270 on newegg.com. Now if you want sub 20hz freq resp then your gunna need $500 - $600 for a sub.

The more info you can provide us the better we can help you. Are the speakers and subs the only options you are willing to buy? If so why? If not what is your budget?
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Those are my current options for budget reasons I have access to a lot of things from the klipsch line speaker wise as well so meaning that way
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Originally Posted by highbrow View Post

I have access to a lot of things from the klipsch line speaker wise as well

Just make sure that you demo the speakers before you buy them. Polk speakers tend to be neutral to slightly bright. Klipsch speakers are very sensitive / efficient so you don't need as much power, but some of them (not all) are very bright and some people find them fatiguing to listen to for long periods.
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