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Is this really an upgrade?

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I've been happy with my Sharp Z9000 for about 8 years now, but It's come time for an upgrade. I'd like to watch "some" 3D but mostly 2D. I currently use a 100" Stewart Grayhawk (.85 gain?). Room is mostly light controlled (minor ambient during day, but mostly watch at night anyway).

I've been looking at the Sony Hw50ES (for its 3D brightness), and the JVC X75. I believe the JVC would be an upgrade in PQ (and to a somewhat lessor degree, brightness), but I'm somewhat concerned about the HW50ES being that its in the lower line of their product.

I'd just like the upgrade to be a no brainer, and not sure if the Sony fits this bill (or I need to go to the X75R)?

Many Thanks
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Either would be a major upgrade to the sharp 9000. Digital projectors have come a long way in the last 8 years
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For your size screen I would get the JVC X75. I've seen the Sony HW50 and it puts out a very nice image but you would definitely appreciate the superior native contrast of the X75 with 2D especially if you don't need the slightly brighter HW50 and either will easily be brighter than what you are use to with the Sharp 9000. You couldn't go wrong with either projector but the more expensive X75 will give you a better 2D picture.

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As others said, both would be an upgrade. I sent you my opinion in a PM. smile.gif
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I've nothing new to add, really, but as a former v9000 owner, I thought I'd chime in.

I loved my Sharp 9000, but it was handily trounced by the Sony "ruby" (VW100) with which I replaced it, and more-so by the VW85 I have now. Given that the HW50ES throws at least as good a picture as my VW85 (from what i've read) I think you'd be stunned by either the sony of JVC. Honestly, even the sub $2000 1080p projectors would seem mind-blowingly good by comparison, things really have changed that much since 2001, when the sharp was state-of-the-art.

What content are you viewing? If you do any gaming, you'll want the ultra-low lag of the Sony vs the JVC. I'd love having a JVC's superior native contrast, but the video lag is a deal-breaker for me.
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Thanks so much for your replies....yes the kids will no doubt want to use it for some gaming too (I tried to forget that fact, tho), so perhaps the Sony would be a bit more suitable for 3D and occasional gaming. I too, would love nothing more than to have the native contrast of the JCV, especially after the Sharp 9000., but it looks as tho even the Sony will be an upgrade.

Also, at this point, I'll need to upgrade my DVD (been wanting the OPPO anyway), and maybe even the Sunfire receiver, to cut down on some cables and get the HDMI all in order. This has really been a help!
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I love both Sony and JVC. In general, Sony's lamps are less expensive than JVC's if your kids are into gaming and burning those high cost lamps.

In terms of contrast, Sony still lags behind JVC.
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