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The RA2400 ... Sweet God... The NON A weighted signal to noise ratio >124db? LOL. >126db A weighted

this amplifier is totally sick... technology has come quite a ways. I would say this is the amplifier to beat.

ATI's PDF suggests that their signature amplifier will have a >128db S/N ratio. Basically similar to the Datasat although not nearly as pretty.
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So has anybody actually listened to this amp and compared it (maybe in stereo) to other high-powered amps?

I would be quite curious to hear how it compares to the relatively cheaper new ATI signature amps as well as to similarly priced AB high current amp alternatives like ADA, Bryston or Classe-CT.

Rather then going for say a stereo amp + a multichannel amp this one box solution with simplified db25 cabling (as long as a datasat or say trinnov mc processor is used) looks very ergonomic.
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I recently moved from the Ada 2502s to the Datasat RA7300 and what a difference.

I have had many high end amps, bel canto, AB International, denon poa etc. and the Datasat amp is by far the most resolved, refined and fastest amp I have heard.

The top end is just sublime with so so much detail it gives me goose bumps. And with such control and grip on the bass drivers. The speed of the amp makes for a seriously punchy mid and bass slam.

But I think the thing I like most is the silent noise floor. These amps are dead, inky black, silent. Along with my Datasat RS20i processor I can't see me ever wanting to change these out for anything else.

I will hopefully get an ATI 6007 to run for my height and voice of god channels and will compare its sonics to the Datasat RA7300.
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I like the design philosophy as well, but it seems fairly pricey nevertheless. It does make for a very clean rack setup with the DB cables.

It seems they would make a lot more profit margin on the amp than they would on the rs20i. I would also suspect they will sell very few of this amp outside of datasat processor owners. I suspect they don't get the benefit of large scale volume to offset costs.

On the other hand, if all of the channels have exceptional performance like comparable $4-5k amps (pass labs or whatever), you get a fair number of channels for the price. Total rack space consuption is not bad for the number of channels either.

Certainly looks pretty too...
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Thanks for the comment Nick.

Would you consider it as good enough for stereo use too (just driving L/R for music, maybe even bi-amped)? (Compared to a dedicated stereo amp or monoblocks)

I will consider the datasat amp as an option. Would be great to hear your thoughts when you can compare it to the ATI signature.
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Since getting my Datasat setup I have gotten rid of my linn klimax stereo system. It's the best I have had my B&W 802d sounding.

I recently had a chap round to here what Dirac can do with stereo and he brought a collection of sacds to play. All stereo. He claimed it was the best he had heard including a £100k Steinway system. So yeah, I would say its pretty dam good at any thing you throw at it.
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I don't think there is a reason to doubt that the stereo performance is very good.... The S/N stats alone say a lot about careful design decisions.

I am curious how good it sounds on high efficiency speakers, where a vast majority of amplifiers have at least some audible hiss. I am talking about speakers in the 100-110db sensitivity range specifically (almost always horn loaded designs). With no source connected I would expect DEAD silence at this price range with ear to speaker. Horns tend to project noise over long range and so usually noise IS audible at the listening position without an amp specifically designed not to.

Buying this sucker and finding out it hisses too much ... oh god what an expensive letdown that would be.
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