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Time for a new remote.

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OK guys 'n gals, I think it's getting to the time when I just need to replace my current Logitech Harmony 890 Pro remote. I've had it for about 6 years now and I've never been completely bowled over by it. It's always been a little problematic and my family has had trouble using it since day 1. It worked better when it was brand new but as time has gone on it has no RF connectivity at all. I HAVE to use the Harmony Wireless RF extender outside the cabinet where my equipment is racked in plain view of the remote. From 12' I have to twist and contort to get the remote to "hit" to change the volume, scene, device, whatever. I can connect the remote and RF Extender to my laptop and refresh everything and it works fine for a day or two, then it's back to the same crap again. Plus, the tab that holds the battery compartment on broke so the battery door has to be taped to stay on, the markings are rubbing off, it's NEVER worked with the DirecTv receiver I've got (can't change channels with it, I have to use the DTV remote), and I've constantly got to listen to my family gripe about it. I'm just plain tired of it.

So, is there an RF remote out there actually, really works? I don't have to fight it to get it to change the volume or the channel? It has scenes available so it's super easy for my family to use and it's easy for me to program? And, I don't have to take out a second mortgage to buy it??? I've lived with this for 6 years, surely somebody has come up with one that works by now!

Thanks guys,

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What kind of budget are you looking at?

You can go with a newer Harmony remote if you want to try those out, or you can go with something more higher end. I used Harmony remotes for about 3 years and got sick of them and switched to Universal Remote Control (URC) remotes and am really happy with them. They are definitely more expensive, and you will have to find a dealer that is willing to give you the software to program it, but in my experience they are miles ahead of the Harmony products in terms of performance and reliability.

Without knowing exactly where your budget is, I would recommend the URC MX-890. Its list price is $500 but you can find dealers selling it for $400 or even lower. If that is outside your budget check out its little brother, the MX-780. List price is $300 but you can find it for less than $200.

If you buy from an authorized dealer you get a 1 year warranty and you can make the deal contingent upon them providing you with the software. If you buy from eBay, Amazon or other places online you will save a few bucks but will have to find the software on your own, which can be a hassle, not to mention you won't be getting the 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

The company's policies in regards to handing out software are kinda meh but their products are awesome.
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Thanks for the reply Rehan. That's a good question. I'm thinking $300-$400 but I'm going to have to really sell $400 to the better half. She knows we need a new remote, we've really struggled with this one. I do like the ability with the Harmony of being able to go online and set everything up and save it, but I'm ready to go in a different direction as long as whatever we get "WORKS"!!

I'll do some studying on the URC line. Thanks for the recommendation!!

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I'm using a couple of URC remotes and just wanted to chime in -- I really love the remotes but one issue is that unless you are able to get the software from your dealer at the time of sale, they are not very willing in providing it afterwards. If you do buy URC make sure to get the software from your dealer as part of the deal so that later on you can easily make any changes to your configuration.

I absolutely love the URC remotes but just wish I had done my research as to the availability of the software before making my purchase. I also wish my dealer had been more forthcoming about the information that I would be required to call him and pay him every time I needed anything changed on the device.
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Thanks Orange, I'll keep that in mind. I made a preliminary inquiry to a local URC dealer last week but they are in the midst of moving to a new location and asked me to give them a couple of weeks till they get their new showroom put together.
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