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Need help identifying an old attic antenna (I know, another one...)

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Hi Everyone,

I, like so many others, have an old antenna in my attic left from the previous owners. We are in the process of dumping cable, and want to take some of the sting out with football season coming up, among others. The antenna has a two-wire cable coming out of it. There is a second antenna in the last picture, but I think it may have been used for a CB-Radio.

What do I need to make it work? Will I need an amp?

Here are some pictures.

Thanks in advance.

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I would hook a tv up to it and try a scan...
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Also, does it look like a VHF/UHF combo?
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From the pics it does appear to be a UHF/VHF combo.
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Thanks. Those pics were the best I could do while holding a flashlight and without putting a foot through the roof.
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Looks like twin leads are attached to the antenna. Amazon has a push-on F-type balun you can attach to the other end of the twin lead to see if the antenna works on your F-type input TV. You may have already have done this but you have to make the antenna horizontal. I see a broken string in the picture.
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Yes, it's a UHF/VHF combo. The narrow end is the UHF section and must be pointed in the direction of the signals. The rear VHF element is droop and, if you have low VHF in your area, should be straightened carefully.

Scrap out the twin-lead entirely, it isn't worth screwing with and will cause false symptoms with digital signals, especially if it isn't correctly run. Install a 75/300 ohm matching transformer and connect a temporary length of RG6 (or QS) between the transformer and your TV or converter box. Walmart carries an inexpensive indoor matching transformer that you can use without waiting for a parts order to arrive. Radio Shack also carries one. Qualy of either isn't known, but they should get you started. If you do need an amplifier, don't buy it at either place unless you order it online and have it shipped to the store.

Replace the broken string so the antenna's boom is horizontal and make sure the front is pointed at Nashville. Your TVFool plot indicates you're in an obstructed valley, so don't expect reliable reception on your attic.
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There's lots of hills in moonshine country, and you are on the back sides of too many of them. You would benefit greatly if you could get this or any antenna on a chimney mast. You would also benefit greatly if you installed an antenna rotor, since, when you are in a lousy reception situation like you are, there might not be one aim azimuth that reliably gets even all the signals coming from the same direction.
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Thanks for all the replies everyone.

I'm going to get the antenna as high as I can and correctly aimed. I've just got to figure out the best way to get coax dropped down to the HTPC.

I was actually able to get 2-3 channels with a cheap Radio Shack amplified antenna poined out of a window when we moved in a couple of years ago. So, maybe I'll get lucky.

Thanks again, I'll report back when I've got that cable dropped.
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