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Replacement for HC1500

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I decided it is time to replace my Mitsubishi HC1500. Not enough contrast, 720p doesn't quite cut it anymore for me, etc.

My question is this: How do I choose between the $800-$1200 home theater projectors? I've done (a little) research, and got my options down to the following:
Optoma HD131Xe
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8345
Optoma HD25
BenQ W1070

My thoughts so far. Please let me know if you have any advice or if I got anything wrong.
The Epson 8345 is newer, but less expensive and not quite as good as the 8350?
BenQ 1070 seems alright, but I've seen some less than spectacular reviews.
Optoma HD131Xe seems fantastic for the money, but I'm a little worried that I will regret not spending a little more.
My HC1500 is about 6lbs, and the Epsons are around 16lbs and much bigger. Do any large-projector owners have thoughts on the size of the projector?
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Larger projectors offer larger fans and greater noise control. I'm a huge fan of larger projectors as they quite often run far quieter than the smaller projectors. I have a W1070 and there is no doubt that it is not as quiet as the AE1000 I previously owned. The 8350/45 also both have significant lens shift and zoom range which is not a feature which the DLP equivalents have.

LCD has a very different look than DLP and may not be something you find enjoyable if you've had DLP for years. On the other hand, I'm not sure if these super cheap DLP models stack up well against better models. I sure see a ton of rainbows on the W1070 which is not something I have an issue with at all on RGB/RGB color wheel projectors with 6x rated speed.
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I need recommendation on replacement PJ.

I have used a HC1500 for 5 years as our primary family TV viewing.

It is getting loud and hard to start at times.

Mine is ceiling mounted (8') upside down, and is 11.5' away from a 6' screen (painted wall between windows.

I have hdmi run from 1500 to onkyo 605, and had an outlet built in ceiling when house was built just for the projector.

The brightness of the 1500 has been good

probably need to get something pretty quick
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I recently replaced my HC3000 with a used Planar PD8150. The black levels are a little better but the over all image is very good. Yes it is a 2008 projector but there is a lot more to an image than black level. My suggestion is learn about the 2-3 year old higher end units and look for one of the good ones in the used market. Use Sony or JVC, also consider B stock from the AVS store. If used is not your cup of tee, make sure you can return whatever you buy.
A good place to look for use is the AVS Classified. http://www.avsforum.com/f/252/front-projector
Just make sure you research any used gear really well before you commit.. good luck!
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Any recomendations on a used upgrade within 1000-1500 range?

anything with pic as good or better tehn hc1500 would be fine by us
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No idea if these particular unit are in good shape and you would need to research to see if prices are correct.




When it comes down to it, you need to know what you are buying and feel good about who you are buying from.. I have been hanging around for a while and do not need the latest and greatest so please don't assume I know what I am talking about. I have only seen the brother of the planar in action.. However the others are units I might consider depending on needs and budget.. Good luck, spend the time to get educated and research the choices before you buy. If my planar dies, I will be out the money I paid as parts are not available for user repair and sending it in would be more than I paid for sure..
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You can get the mitsubishi hc7900 for $1500 at bestbuy great projector.http://www.bestbuy.com/site/3d-dlp-projector/1294011.p?id=1219047586671&skuId=1294011&st=categoryid$pcmcat158900050018&cp=1&lp=63 or at groupon.com
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I dont do 3d I would assume 7900 can run in a 2d mode?
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I should add, we watch TV on this as our main TV in the evenings. movies and some xbox, but 90% regular Tv
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problem i am seeing now, is that my pj sets in a built in enclosure on the cieling. it is 11.5 from the screen and screen is 72" wide

so far everything i looked at would have to be closer to the screen
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Yes, 3D projectors do 2D first and foremost. Here is the owners thread for the 7900 http://www.avsforum.com/t/1468460/mitsubishi-hc7900dw-owners-thread/0_100
One thing to keep in mind is Mitsubishi is getting out of the Projector making business according to several reports. That is no reason not to buy one of their current projectors as it will be support according what I have read.
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Thank you for all the advice.

I went ahead and ordered a mit hc7900

mostly because it can throw a small enough pic to fit my screen and sit in the existing mounting cabinet.
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