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looking for reasonable cam/camcorder for concerts

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Currently using my Pana FH-27 or Flip cam for HD video & audio at concerts. The problem I am having is that the sound is too loud for the cheap built in mic. It overloads & distorts horribly. Is there a cam out there that can handle loud volumes without overloading? Under $300? Under $200? Starting to research the Samson Zoom Q3HD, but it only has a digital zoom. Any conventional HD cams that write to memory(internal or removable) that can accommodate high volumes, or some kind of sensitivity setting or switch to allow high volumes without overload? Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Canon. 8x zoom or better. Larger CCD sensor would also be great for better low light sensitivity. Thx, Scott
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Nobody out there has a cam they use to capture concert footage w/ good audio quality? Or some suggestions?
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Scott - I think what we're having trouble with is your $300 price range. As you say, the $359 Q3HD has good sound and poor image quality (and no zoom) - while conventional cameras in this price range generally have poor audio and no external mic input.

And I haven't seen a consumer-level CCD camcorder in many years. I would say you have a couple of choices.

One is a $330 Canon EOS M with the 18-55mm kit lens. These cameras are on closeout because Canon is discontinuing them.

It has manual audio gain control and you can get pretty good sound in a loud environment, even with the built-in mic (please watch at 1080p):

But with the slow kit lens, the camera has a hard time in low light. And faster lenses will cost significantly more money.

Another option with a brighter, longer lens is a Panasonic FZ150 superzoom camera with an external mic (please watch at 1080p):

But even used, this camera will cost you more than $300.

And a decent external mic with an input attenuation switch like the Rode Videomic with set you back another $229.

You would also need a $4 adapter to plug the mic into the camera's 2.5mm mic input.

Sorry I couldn't come up with a less expensive solution, but hope this is helpful nonetheless.

Hybrid Camera Revolution
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This new Sony cam looks very interesting for recording concerts. It's very compact and capable of recording Full HD 30p video while also recording Linear PCM audio. A 2.7-inch LCD is embedded into the side of the camcorder, and thanks to NFC-capable Wi-Fi, it's easy to use a smartphone or tablet as a monitor. It has a fixed lens though, so no zoom. Pricing is set at $299.

Here is a link to the specs.


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