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Hello, we've had the LG 47LW5600 for a while now, but we've noticed a weird issue with audio and video while playing PS3 games.

On one game at the beginning of the opening cut scene the video slows down below normal for a second, and then speeds up above normal speed for a second before coming to a final rest at normal speed. We've tried two different PS3 systems and this is happening on both. This doesn't happen on our other TVs. Oh, and after the main cut scene is finished the game logo appears on the screen, but sometimes it shakes around a lot before settling into place, this only happens about half the time though.

On two different games there is an audio problem that is very noticeable in the menus. Scrolling down a list of menu options one by one we can hear that some of the "beeps" that are made every time we scroll down are quieter while some are much louder. Again, we've tested this with two different PS3s on the TV in question, and it doesn't do this on our other TVs.

We've tried using a different HDMI cable, and tried using a different HDMI slot on the TV itself, but there was no difference.

So, having tried two different PS3s seems to have ruled out that it's a problem with the PS3, and having the problems disappear on a different TV seems to rule out that it's a problem with the games, trying two different HDMIs and different HDMI slots at least makes it seem unlikely that it was a problem with the cable. This seems to just leave the TV itself, I think.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here? Thanks in advance.