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Panasonic v720 and HD Writer AE5.0 copying issues

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Hi all hope you can help.

I have just bought a Panasonic HC v720 and am having trouble importing my vids to my computer. I use an imac, but am using parallels to run Windows 7 and also HD Writer. When I try to import my vids to HD Writer it initially shows the videos and then I click execute and I get a dialogue box saying it won't import incompatible videos, and then imports nothing. Its basically saying all the vids I've captured aren't recognised. I am recording in HG1920. I am annoyed as iphoto won't recognise AVCHD and I don't want to go to the trouble of converting everything before I upload to my computer. Can someone help me out with what I am doing wrong, is it my set up using apple, or is it my HG1920 setting. I want to start taking vids of my kids and this is preventing it happening.

Thanks guys, I'd love some advice.

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Anyone have any ideas?????
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I don't have an Apple, so I may not be the best source of information. But, I've repeatably read where AVCHD and Apple don't always get a long well. It has more to do with corporate politics than technology.

My first suggestion is to forget HDWriter if you are an Apple addict. It is made to run on PCs. Sony is the same. Their software only runs on PCs.

My second suggestion is to look in your camera manual for the Apple compliant setting for file format. I forget what it is called, but I've read that it is almost as good as AVCHD. Some may think it is better.

My third suggestion is that if you still want to use AVCHD formats, you buy Adobe Premier Elements 11. It runs on Apples. Buy the boxed set, don't download it. If you wait a month, version 12 may be out. I use it on a PC and think it works wonderfully.

If you are not using HDWriter, you only need the big files on the SD card. All the rest are for HDWriter. All you have to do is copy the files with your Apple copy utility. I've read that the latest version of iMove can do better with AVCHD, but am not sure. Final Cut Pro (for Apple addicts), in its latest versions, is also supposed to do better.

Good luck.
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Thanks for your reply mate. Some good suggestions for me to try and work through. Re: the Apple thing, I installed parallels on it to allow me to run windows programs but maybe there's still an issue with that and HD Writer running smoothly together. I will have a play with the other things you suggested. So far the only way I have found that I can store and read these files on my mac is to convert them into an MP4 from my camera first, which as you can imagine takes forever. But maybe I am missing something in my manual as you suggest. I'll have to revisit it. Thanks for taking the time out to reply.

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Look at page 63 of the manual here: http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/HCV720_ADV.PDF

It says to set the camera to "iFrame" for "iMovie" on an Apple.
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Thanks, I did know about iframe but many say its a much lower quality than AVCHD. I was trying to preserve the original format. My problem in using it I have discovered is I seem to have an earlier version of imovie which wont play my files. I think I am going to have to suck eggs and upgrade to imove11 and simply put up with this for now until I work through something else, or one side gets their act together and makes something that accepts both. God damn apple, I curse my wife for buying one every time I try to use anything out of their ecosystem and it doesn't work to full effect. Greedy, manipulative bastards they are. Thanks Bro I really appreciate your time.

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"Old" iFrame was 960x540 (although Apple does not publish iFrame specs anywhere) @ 30 fps, 28 Mbit/s. This one is crap, barely SD quality.
"Newer" iFrame is 1280x720 @ 35-40 Mbit/s, not sure whether it is still 30 fps or 60 fps variant is available too. This one looks much better.

It seems that 7 years after first AVCHD cams came out people still must jump hoops when using Apple. Not to mention that one of the first AVCHD cams - the HDC-SD1 - was touted by Apple to be a match made in heaven for iMovie.

Check this thread too: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1481365/camera-debate-canon-g20-jvc-gc-px100-or-panasonic-hc-x920
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Thanks Ungermann, your thread was awesome. Pretty technical stuff but I think I understand the basics of what was said and I can refer back to it for reference when needed. Either way it confirmed my hatred of apple.... smile.gif . I am just trying to keep things pretty simple, not do a heap of editing, I just really want a place I can park my footage (in its best quality format) of my kids and store them so I can view them again when I am old and grumpy. I think am going to upgrade to imove11 and see how that goes. Cheers mate, nice to get some knowledge from people in the know.

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