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Light engine swapped and all is working, nothing like major surgery to end a 36 hour day!

Michael Babb
Microindie Cinema
616-822-1662 US
07510898726 UK
97474456406 Qatar
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The Babb is FAB!!!!

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Glad to see it was field repairable.

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We are not entirely out of the woods, with 100 ft lamberts calibrated in rec709 2D we are dealing with ghosting issues. This is going to be a challenging one.

First when I spoke to the Stewart sales engineer to over-dramatize the point I said i really was more concerned how the image looked in 3D than 2D, I am probably the only maniac out there that specs that, due to the fact that we convert 2d to 3d "all the time" (well most of the time wink.gif). I had been insisting that maybe the screen skin should have been the silver 3D but the sales engineer said we would be fine.

So now we have a Master Image Polarizer system up and running but with Ghosting, we have the mother of all cargoes sitting at the airport over there awaiting customs clearance, that includes a second polarizer from Depth Q.

So we are going to shootout both polarizing systems, but there appears to be the potential for a screen issue as well. I am going to unroll the Severtson screen from Last Years realD Penthouse Lab in Miami and I am going to cut out a good 4 x 6 section of it, if the 5D screen in any way ghosts more than the severtson, I will request a 3d Silver screen replacement, because as you guys know me, when I say I don;t give a rats butt as to how the image looks in 2D compared to 3D I mean it. So a new skin will likely be in the works. Then there's the lamp. The projector HD20kj comes with a 3kw, quite frankly this is the most efficient projection design I have seen cause we tweaked the contrast quite a bit and still we are getting 100 ftlms. So there could be the possibility of a swap to a 2.4 or 2.0 kw lamp. As I said the fun is just beginning.rolleyes.gif

This is the manifest of fresh supplies waiting pickup:

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The young caucasian is Ollie Shortland from Quested... Making sure the everything is installed the wat the factory wants it's name associated with it.
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Ollie Shortland Installs the Quested custom LT8 into the wall cavities...

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They had to retrofit a SPATZ FIBEROPTIC due to 2 hdmi wires being cut, so i told them to run 6 cat 6 to individualize control of each d-box chair.

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Oh well I missed the flight, better all together with the customs holdup and all, now I am going there middle of next week.

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Peter, you are a God among men... biggrin.gif Impressive as usual.
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Let's in al modesty limit to the accolade to a Greek god among men.
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Peter IS my hero!
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Fair enough. Peter, you are a Zeus among men wink.gif
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Thanks for the agodlades but really this was a whopper of unsurmountable tasks one after another.

I am Back from this adventure, lots of pics to post. to summarize: Basically the operation went like the old three steps forward and two steps back, the last day before client inspection stuff that was working the day before stopped working, it literally came to kicking the damned thing and all of a sudden the warp core came on line and voila, the finest picture and sound came to be.

The client flew in and sat down for a demo , chase scene from Madagascar and beginning of Star Trek 3D, the client was smiling. when kirk and mccoy jump of the cliff I heard him say "wooow".

So when two of his lieutenants asked him, if it was better than Miami, he simply said IT IS CLEANER. And that ladies and gentlemen is how a little kick of the polarizer unit saved the day....

I promise to post pictures.

Needless to say there are many more larger moons coming our way.
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Peter. All that way and you didn't stop by London to say hi!

Did Tim sort you out after we last spoke?
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Cool stuff on the AMT questeds by the way!
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Did you get the Trinnov processing installed? How many speakers did you end up with?
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Originally Posted by thebland View Post


Did you get the Trinnov processing installed? How many speakers did you end up with?

One of our uzbequi assistants applied 240v power on the ADA without the switch being thrown is and thus the Trinnov took a crap.

We didi happen to have a suite 7.1 and balancing the quested gains by ear the sound PRIOR to TRINNOV turned out to be quite a little force to recon with. I'll cover the Trinovization stage of albiorix but it is amazing how good the quested system sounds with the 7.1.

Here are some pics...

Shipment was held in customs until I created this little document, then next day voila!

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after 2 months of working 20 hour days, a celebration was in order.

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Peter, how much noise does that projector put out?
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40 decibels, but it will be covered.
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Originally Posted by CINERAMAX View Post

40 decibels, but it will be covered.

So the covering will help dampen the noise output?

It seems very close to the seats and may be distracting during quieter portions of movies.

Though I'm sure you've tested that to make sure it won't be a nuisance,
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Come on, everyone knows when you sit in the back row of a cinema, the last thing your concentrating on is the sound of the projector! I believe there are some other distractions, further up the picture chain...
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Oh definitely, it is a double isolation floating design and it will easily knock down 20 decibels. Also the 40 decibel number is there purely by my choice. For 2D it could have been closer to 27.

This projector is the latest generation in non cinema TI designs. generations ahead of what we see in digital cinema based projectors when it comes to image enhancement.

The cooling management is just the type of thing that allows you to minimize the fan noise but more important to me is this NEW OPTIONAL image enhancement suite from TI

The projector has an amazing image processing suite which apparently through discussions with Christie but also talking to manufacturers like George at DPI (who chose not to implement certain of these image processing enhancements for it's latest top of the line Titan) this is a projector optimized for taking weak 4:2:0 3d blu-rays (ie Chapter 10 of GI Joe) and do wonders one would think are only possible at post.

This is easily the best single projector BD 3D image I could dream of... The client who is very picky was clearly awed. That 3D Image Quality certainly is the best present I could give myself for the 55th birthday which I spent it there working late hours, I was expecting something really good but this is sick good. If images like these were shown to more people when trying to promote 3D during the past few years we would now be living in a 3D centric marketplace.

The problem is going to be now to implement this circuitry into the dual laser head designs we are putting together for CINEMA EUROPA. I think perhaps the 4k projector from SIM2 may contain this image improvement suite, but not any of the DCI based projectors from Barco, Nec, Christie, Display D (who uses the dci christies but decided to skip this skew-until this thread is read I guess;-)) and Imax Barco's or even the not dci DPI models. The Mirage J series is a Blu-ray 3D videophiles dream.

I have to get ready now to go back and finish the last 15% of the system but when I come back I will share with you some of the screen shots showing the image enhancement TI suite.

Not skimping on the $75,000 dual Oppo stack from MSB also I suspect takes part of the credit, but the J series turned out to be a force to be reconned with.
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Something amazing has just happened. Due to Dolby Atmos I am completely refocusing my mission in life and thus I will continue my exploits in a DCI oriented venue.

I invite my friends to read more about the quested final calibration and how we licked the screen bug and other crazy **** at HERE

Make sure to visit and find out the conclusion of the now world's most amazing installation!
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good.This is a penthouse with limited space and even though I had designed a stack dp-4kp in a closet in the back of the small room the layout did not work. But this was not a truly hdmi 1.4 3D projector, the fact of the matter is that the HDX series trailed it's competition on the 3D department,


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Funny anecdote, we are debugging remotely the ipad control today while the client is at the PH and I engaged the all sets recline command while my IP consultant and clients Valet were in the room.

Unbeknownst to me a $350,000 collection of Russian constructionist original art had been laid on the backs of the seats to see what painting went where.

We were not getting response from one of the devices so I told my friend: Wanna see something cool?

So I from Marco Island FL hit the all chairs recline command [ that goes thru log me in into the remote rack pc crestron app that is synched with the rooms Ipad mini control and the Crestron wall mount touchscreen]

All of a sudden I see on face time people jumping over the front row trying to catch four paintings and save them from certain mutilation.

That was a close one, they were able to catch all four paintings mid air.

Next moon I will install cameras in the room with prominent Tally Lights so I can see what the heck I am doing remotely. Funny but scary.
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More pictures with the custom headrest cushions being installed.

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