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Need help with Sherbourn SR-8100 A/V receiver

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Hey guys I need a little help configuring the correct audio playback format for my Sherbourn sr-8100. I just set it up yesterday and it won't recognize Dolby truehd or dts-hd master audio from the blu rays I've tried out. The audio will only come through as multi pcm stereo. I've gone through the receiver menu and tried to manually choose the hd audio formats but it won't let me. I assume it's user error but i checked all my connections and I'm pretty sure everything is connected correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What audio output is the bluray player set for? What type of connection did you use?
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I'm using hdmi
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And the audio output on the blu ray player is set to auto
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What's the make and model of the bluray player you have? The bluray player is connected to the avr?
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It's a Sony bdp-s590. Yea I've got the blu ray player connected to hdmi input 1 on the receiver and my tv is connected to the hdmi output on the receiver.
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Hey I got it. I had to go into the blu ray player settings and switch the BD audio mixing from on to off so the receiver could decode the audio instead of the player. I appreciate the help though, thanks.
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Good to hear!
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What is your opinion on the Sherbourn SR-8100 now that you've had it? Any issues with HDMI handshake, dropouts, freezes ect???
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No i haven't had any issues with it yet. I'm still messing around with it and still have some fine tuning to do with the audio but so far it's great. I'm not a home theater expert by any means but I have had a little experience. I think the 8100 is totally worth it, just my opinion.
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Thanks for the update! I'm considering one and have to decide by tomorrow night.
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Hey no problem man, for me there are a couple downsides like no non-hdmi video inputs, no internet connectivity, and none of the bells and whistles of most of the popular name brand receivers, but if you're looking for audio quality, build quality, and audio customization it's probably one of the best if not the best at the price it's selling for, I'd recommend it
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Originally Posted by D Bone View Post

Thanks for the update! I'm considering one and have to decide by tomorrow night.

If you don't want/need 3D you may also look into the SR-120. It does have component video connections and is more powerful and also cost less.

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I've had the SR-8100 for about a week and I love the sound and build quality. But I am having an intermittent problem and I'm hoping another SR-8100 owner can help me out. It's the HDMI pass-thru from my cable box to the TV when the receiver is in standby. About half the time the TV doesn't get the A/V signals from the receiver. I'm guessing it's an HDMI handshake issue, because it always works when the receiver is on and I can put the receiver in standby while watching TV without a problem.

I have the cable box commented to HDMI-1 on the 8100 and the HDMI output from the 8100 to HDMI-1 input of the TV. HDMI pass-thru video is on and HDMI audio out is set for TV. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.
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Is the HDMI 1 intput on your TV the HDMI ARC intput? If not try plugging in to the ARC input on your TV. Maybe that will work? I'm not 100% sure. I just have my blu-ray player connected to the receiver on HDMI 1 but haven't tried listening to the TV with the receiver on standby yet.
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I ordered 2 SR8100's three months ago. When they work, they are phenomenal! Sound quality is excellent. Unfortunately, One of them would drop audio/video constantly. Sherbourn shipped me a new digital board (almost 2 month wait), which I replaced and got the unit working for a glorious 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the same issue arose and the unit is unusable. Luckily, I do this stuff for a living and I happen to have extra Rotel, Yamaha, Marantz and Pioneer receivers around (which all work great). Waiting to hear back from Sherbourn to see what they can do for me this time around.

The other unit showed up with concealed damage and screws missing (?). It just gave up this week. Won't turn on.

Hopefully we can get these issues resolved because I really do like the features and sound on this receiver.
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