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Sony HW50ES & throw

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I'll be mounting my Sony soon, and was wondering about others thoughts on mounting distance. Currently, my old projector is mounted at 14 feet (from lens to screen).

The Sony looks to have a throw range (for my screen size of 100") of 10.2"- 15'. If I leave the mount at its current spot, that would deliver 20 fL. At 10.2" location, it would be 25 fL. So, I guess my question would be...is the additional 5 fL considered an appreciable difference (especially when viewing 3d material)? I know the fL drops off considerably in 3d, and if I use 30% of the fL, the difference would be 6fL as compared to 7.5fL (or so).

Is this just splitting hairs?
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What kind of screen are you using?

If it has a positive gain, mounting it closer could lead to hotspotting. Also, though the brightness will be marginally lower further back, supposedly contrast is better. And the HW50 loses relatively little light through its zoom range, esp conpared to other projectors.

If it is easier, I would just keep is as is for now. If you don't like it, move it later.
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It's a Stewart Grayhawk. I like your idea, tho....."leave it where it is for now. if you don't like it, move it later". Sometimes, ya just think to hard about things, and the answer is right in front of you
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