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Storm Surfers 3D

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If anyone has seen it or sees it in the future, please post a review.
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I watched it last week. If you're a surfer, it is just a great documentary to enjoy.
The story is about some older surfers who follow the big storms around the globe seeking out the largest swells and surf, mostly in the south Pacific. The team is shown being pulled into huge waves, some 90 ft high by jet skies.

The 3D video is shot from the jet skis and surfboards with multiple GoPro 3D cameras using GoPro's latest Hero 3 system in 3D configuration that produces some really great s3D video with no observable image degradation. They also have a large camera boat and helicopter video using some rather large 3D camera systems. The 3D was very clear, good live commentary that shows the life style of these senior surfers pushing the envelope.
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Thanks Don! This is more for my brother who at 63 is still surfing and has been since high school. Any clue how this compares to Ultimate Wave Tahiti?
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I have Ultimate Wave Tahiti and while I haven't seen it in awhile, the Storm Surfer's 3D is much higher quality imaging. Richer color and clean 3D absent of double images.
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Perfect! Thanks!
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I wanted to add another big thumbs up for this video. Although I had read a lackluster review of the 3D quality of this disc I was more than pleased with the video quality and 3D photography used in this production. Taken under difficult conditions the 3D shines and is very immersive. It's as close as I will ever get to these big waves and does a fine job of making you feel you were part of the experience. A nice addition to my 3D collection!
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