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Crestron AES or Elan G

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and also very new to the a/v world. We are constructing a new home and we very interested in installing a home audio distribution system at first and then maybe do some automation in the future.

I'm in the process of getting quotes for two systems, the Crestron AES and the Elan G. I'm very confused by which system to go for maybe because I think they are very similar. I understand crestron to be expensive and hopefully worth the money. Elan G is supposed to be a cheaper alternative. I have found a guy who works for a big crestron dealer who has agreed to provide the crestron aes and speakers etc at cost price and then he would just charge for programming it.

This may actually be cheaper then the Elan G setup which I would probably get at the going retail price.

Any suggestions? I keep hearing that crestron has high programming cost in relation to Elan. I will do the automation at a future date and I think I should take into account future programming cost between the two systems.

Please help. I have to make a quick decision as our house will be drywalled in the next 3 to 4 weeks.
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Just to clarify what I mean by home automation, I not going to do anything hard core. Just looking to control lighting in the main areas if the home such as the front entry, kitchen and family room. We will have a single thermostat for the house which I would like to control. Last but not least I would like the alarm and possibly cameras integrated in to the system as well.

However like I said I just want to start off with audio first and add the home automation at a future date depending on my budget.

When. I speak to an Elan rep, they put down the AES as if it was yesterdays technology which I understand because you have to make your product look better than the other guys. But to a customer without any prior experience in this stuff, it is confusing to choose between a company like crestron with its longstanding reputation in the business and another very good product like the Elan G!.
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Perhaps rather then rush the decision you could simply install the needed wiring that could be used with either system.

I have the Elan g! and the only wiring that is really dedicated to it are for the in-wall touch screens and that wiring would likely serve most touch screens.
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A few things here....

The AES is essentially a box that combines the following items (for $3750)....if you include an audio card (or two or three) the price will go up more.

1. MC2E
2. CEN-TRACK (Empty)
3. CNAMPX-12x60

That being said, the AES is in the process of being phased out and out of that list of 4 Crestron products, one is already gone, two have been replaced by newer models (SWAMP8x24 and MC3) which only leaves the CEN-TRACK as current.

Therefore, what specifically do you need? Have you been quoted the model with the extra cards? How many rooms do you have? In order to do a full analysis, you need to provide some additional details.
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