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Question about cooling a receiver using pc fans.

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I looked up a few threads of people using relays, usb, and even pre made kits to cool down a receiver or entertainment center. I was looking for something different and came across thermostat discs like this one.




The positive (or negative?) side of a 12v wall wart will hook up to the thermostat and the other end will connect to a pc fan. When the receiver gets hot enough the switch will close completing the circuit which will turn the fan on. When the receiver is off and cools down the switch will open turning off the fan. Is this correct or am I totally wrong on how these things work?

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Lots of complete projects

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I've done similar with my living room media cabinet. I used an adjustable bimetalic switch from an old window fan I had. It was wired in series with a 12v wall wart and 4 PC fans.

Only thing I would caution with that non-adjustable switch set at 100 F would be to check the hysteresis of the switch. If the temp it needs to get down to to shut back off is too low, your fans may not shut off during the warmer summer months.

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As Suntan mentions, that Radio Shack switch must cool to below 68 degrees in order to reset. That is a 36 degree difference between the open and close points. I don't know about your house, but here in Texas, that fan will never turn off until January... eek.gif I used one of these Snap Disc Controls to cool my projector in a hush box I made and it works like a charm. These controls have a much tighter operating band and you will probably have better success choosing a control with a narrower temperature differential ie. less hysteresis.

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