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Bought Used Speakers Need Feedback

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So I just bought a used pair of Acoustic Profile PSL-88.6 floor standings. Cosmetically, it has a few minor scratches and one grill has a messed up spot the size of a quarter. Looking to add music in the bedroom so blemishes are ok.

Now, Acoustic Profile was made by a Canadian Company that has gone under but these 3 way towers have 2x8 inch rubber woofers so no refoaming needed. I believe manufacture date was 1996 or so.

Had it cranked with a small sub and everything sounded great. Warm even at high listening levels. I did hear some minor cracking / static in certain parts, mostly female vocals from a particular Rihanna song and only when only vocals were present with little music. It may also have happened on 2 other songs but I cannot be sure as I listen to top 40 music and some of these add the old vinyl noises for effect.

As I listen more, about 1+ hour, the cracking seems to have softened or gone away. At this point I am not sure if it's the crappy speaker wires that I am using to test. These are at least 10 years old. The Denon receiver has also been sitting unused for 5 years. Not sure if it could be this but I know these speakers may have been sitting dormant for a bit too. The guy who I bought them from had like 15 other pairs of speakers in his basement that he fixes and sells as a side hobby. He said he did open up these ones and nothing had to be replaced.

Cost was $60. Sounds almost like a high end Paradigm Monitor series if I had to compare this set except even at high levels, the highs were not harsh. Cabinets are larger than Monitor 11s for those who are familiar with the Paradigm line. I would say the cabinet is almost as large as Studio 100 sizes.

Could the cracking go away with more use for these old speakers?

I won't even turn these up in the bedroom so I may never hear the cracking again. But if I had to, can I replace the tweeter and crossover inside the cabinet with 3rd party parts? Not sure how easy it is to do.

Otherwise, these sound pretty darn good for $60! If I did not hear the cracking, I would say they are comparable to current $800-$1000 speakers if I had to guess. Could be wrong but wanted to provide as much info as I can for this thread.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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Bump. Anyone?
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It's relatively easy to replace crossover parts. Just replace the old ones with new ones of the same values and you'll be fine.
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The crackling may have been due to the electrolytic capacitors in the crossover having sat idle for a long period of time. Running the speakers for a few hours may have “reformed” them. Given that you indicate that the crackling has diminished with use I'd not suspect that the drivers are damaged. I'd run the speakers for a few days and see if they heal up.
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I have been running the speakers for 3-4 straight now. Changed out speaker wires with new 12 gauge wiring as well. The cracking is barely noticeable now but still there when you look for it and only in very few parts of certain songs.

So if there is damage, would it be the tweeters or crossover parts? Since the original company has gone under, not even sure how to find the exact tweeter anymore.

Good thing is, at normal listening levels, I don't hear any cracking. Only when I turn it up and sit right in front of each speaker and listen for it. As background music, no cracking heard at all.
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Since you only have a $60 investment I'd be inclined to leave well enough alone. Just use them gently for the next few years.

However if you want to pursue a repair it will be necessary to isolate the particular component which is failing. This will likely require you to swap components between the good speaker and the questionable speaker. Easy enough to do, if your hands are small enough to reach inside the enclosure. And you are comfortable wielding a soldering iron. Maybe a fun Sunday afternoon project.
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Hey Trendy, I appreciate your input here as well. Yes they will be used gently for sure. Funny thing is, now I wonder if its the receiver since both speakers exhibit the same cracking. Now mind you, I just played the song with the cracking and I don't even hear it any more. Must be that I am not turning it up and I am not looking for it.

Input source is iPod through RCA now. And as I sit and critically listen to many songs, I can find quite a few songs that have subpar recording. Even billboard top 40 songs, I can hear things that should not be there like breathing before the lyrics come in. I guess everything new is digital and downloaded songs are rarely being listened to on bigger speakers, most people will never hear these imperfections.

Yes, I remember reading about switching components from left and right speakers to isolate the damaged part. Hopefully,, I will never have to do this and just get to enjoy the $60 purchase.

Thanks and if anyone has more feedback, do chime in.
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Any chance that these speakers are rated at 4 Ω and your amplifier is only rated at 8 Ω?
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Trendy the receiver is a denon 1603, manual says when running A or B, he receiver can handle 6 to 16 ohm. Running 4 ohm speakers will lead to shutdown due to over hearing. Looked at the rear of the speakers and cannot find any ohm info. Just the model and serial number. Just saw another ad in Canuck Audio Mart for the same pair going for $250. Wow.

Will keep scouring online to see if I can find the ohm. Maybe some one here knows?
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It seems they might be rated at 8 Ω, so no great concern about them damaging the amplifier. Since you are now noticing the issue in both speakers I suppose it is time to swap out the amp, or the source material, to see if the problem persists.
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Swapping out the receiver will take some work so trying not to go down that route yet.

The more I listen, the less I hear the cracking. Not sure if the highs are so crisp that I hear more imperfections that when I listen in the home theater setup. Will have to keep listening, got them cranked again and no cracking. Wish me luck that I bought some self healing speakers.

Hey, how did you come to guess they are rated at 8 ohms? Could not find too many online sources reviewing this speaker.

Receiver does not seem overly warm so far.
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As for the 8 Ω guess it was just a Google search and noting what other people listed the impedance to be. It is still just a guess. Good luck – hope everything turns out fine.

And thought I would add that I've become a garage sale junkie. Picked up 2 sets to tower speakers this summer for $20 per set and no problems. It's surprising that some people just want to get rid of things at any price. Granted these must be at least a couple of decades old but look and sound just fine. One set just got hooked up to the spouse's digital piano. Big difference in sound quality moving from the piano's internal amp and speakers to an external amp and towers.
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Have the speakers playing tunes for almost 6-8 hours now. All seems good loud and soft. Not sure I want to try and recreate the crackling anymore. It may be there but it's so minimal, I think I am going to enjoy the music instead. Noticed an Apple TV outputting optical to the Denon sounds so much cleaner as compared to 3.5 mm to RCA input into the Denon.

As for garage sale junkie, I understand. I have been scouring speakers like crazy lately on Craigslist and got to the point of looking for Pre-garage sale posts so I get first dibs lol. I also have a set of old technics with the honeycomb woofer that I want to bring back to life. When they worked a few years ago, I cannot believe how good they sounded as compared to $500 to $1000 speakers on the market today. It just takes time and we all know time can be hard to come by these days.

So, thanks for all your help and I intend to enjoy these newly purchased used speakers. It was a sign that I could not get those used Klipsch Synergy F1s from my other thread. These Acoustic Profile 88.6 are one or even two notches above those ones and all for $60!

Thansk for all your thoughts and good luck with your on-going speaker hunting.
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So it's been a few weeks since I purchased these Acoustic Profile 88.6 towers. I don't hear any more static. Is it possible that worked itself out (of the speakers or the receiver) as both have been in storage for quite some time? Or I am just too busy enjoying the music to critically listening for static?
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