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Shopping for a new TV

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Hey folks,
I'm looking around at buying a new HDTV. I'm hoping to get a 55" model (or in that range). Ideally, 3+ HDMI ports. Primarily will be used for gaming and movies, but I also have FIOS HD. 3D is not a must have, SMART is nice but also not a must have. Ideally would purchase from Amazon ($155 in gift cards) though if its under $800 I can look elsewhere. Absolute top price would be around $1050. I was looking at the LG LA6900, but heard it has problems with input lag or image quality in game mode. I am willing to wait around for a sale - but I'm not certain when to find the best deals.
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Vizio M551d-A2R
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That is what I've been leaning towards. Can you give me a sense of what I should expect to pay on a good deal for it? I see refurbs for $800 via Ebay (ick) and new for $1100 on Amazon. I think I can probably get new for around $999.
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Just saw is $999 at Costco....
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I just got this (Vizio M551d-A2R) awhile ago on amaozn and i must say right out of the box it was pretty easy to setup etc, after that i been testing the tv with some ps3 game such as the last of us, god of war games and i must say upgrading to 1080p /120hz HDTV is really something comepare to my old one 720p/60hz its beyond my expectation and for that price you cant go wrong with this plus it has a cool look to it.. the color dont saturate as much, blacks are good though the sound of the TV is not that good but as expected. myzV
Anyway i'm still testing/monitoring this HDTV and will update my review but for now its an absolute value.tongue.gif
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The M series is 1080P/ 240Hz (of course it's all software)
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Is the panel itself 120hz, with software interpolating to hit 240hz?
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Bump - anyone know answer to that last question?
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I'm also shopping for a new HDTV... and with pretty much the same requirements as you do (just a slightly higher budget and a little more priority on 3D capability).

Since 3D isn't a big issue for you, you might consider checking out these non-3D TVs...

Panasonic TC-P60S60 - Plasma TV without the input lag issues the ST60 series has, but has only 2 HDMI ports. Amazon currently has it for $999.99.
Panasonic TC-L58E60 - LED TV with 3 HDMI ports. Amazon also has it for $999.99.

Regarding the Vizio that's been recommended...

I believe that you are correct... that the panel is 120Hz with the software bumping it up to 240Hz. I don't know 100%, but it seems like everywhere I've seen the refresh rate listed, it's always worded as "240Hz effective refresh rate". The inclusion of "effective" seems to indicate that it's not truly 240Hz. I think the TVs with true 240Hz panels are much more expensive (like the Samsung F8000 series).

BTW, I'm also looking at that one. There are two issues that is making my decision tougher though...

1. Issues with the remote. I've had friends who had problems with the remote for their Vizio TV (original one stopped working as well as the replacement they got from Vizio), and it sounds like the one with this particular model is troublesome too. I guess it's not designed very well and also stops working. Granted, if you're going to use a Harmony remote, it may not be a big issue.

2. No external buttons on TV. This issue in conjunction with the first issue would make using the TV a real problem (again if you're not using a Harmony).

I do have a Harmony remote, which I use with my current setup, but I still do find myself sometimes using the TV remote.

FWIW, I believe the Vizio is currently priced on Amazon a little bit above your budget. You can find it for under $1000 at Sam's Club, but my guess is that if you wait a little longer, you'll see the prices drop on all TVs as we get closer to the holiday season.

Good luck and please keep us updated on what you decide on.
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