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HDMI board - cost to replace?

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It appears the HDMI board in my Integra DTR 5.9 has gone out. This morning it simply wouldnt work. Here is what I did in case I missed something

1. Re-checked ALL hdmi cables to ensure they were seated
2. Unplugged and re-plugged them just in case
3. Tried all HDMI sources independently one by one to ensure one port wasnt bad
4. Plugged the source directly to the TV - got picture but no sound (of course)
5. Factory reset on unit
6. did I miss something?

The unit is a bit warm above the HDMI board, but nothing I would be very worried about personally. Looking at it I cant see anything leaking cap wise or whatever.

I know the HDMI is bad because the unit still turns on, and for right now I have HDMI to the TV 2 of my sources (Xbox 360, DVR) and optical going from my TV to the Integra, and I have sound. I simply cant get picture.

I dont have enough cables to test if component is working, or s-video.

So my question is has anyone replaced their HDMI board when out of warranty and if so what was the associated cost? This HDMI board has already had the caps replaced as it was one of the fated units that had the cheap caps like the Onkyo TX-SRX06 models.

Also any other suggestions to try would be appreciated.

P.S. part of me wants to be able to fix it (as its hopefully going to be cheap), but part of my wants to drop on a new Pioneer SC model, but I know we dont have the cash. If its super expensive I may end up with a Onkyo 709 which has better EQ but I really want to push for the SC-68, or one of the last years models so I can run my LSi center and surrounds off the unit, and my LSi 15's off a dedicated amp.

Anyway cost to replace the HDMI board? More expensive than a Accessories4less 709? Stick to my guns with how it is now and fight for the SC model?

Thoughts from the masses welcomed
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You'd have to check for your exact model, but I was quoted 350 for the HDMI board in the SR707.
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Originally Posted by los View Post

You'd have to check for your exact model, but I was quoted 350 for the HDMI board in the SR707.

Shoot, at that price I might as well just upgrade to a new AVR, keep this one for powering some Zone 2 speakers, or another HT in the future via component.

I will give some folks a call tomorrow.
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but maybe you still just have another bad cap as the onkyo thread on the problem indicates there are a few. Depending on exactly what was replaced, maybe another / different one is bad. I would rescan the thread and recheck the board not necessarily look for "blown cap" but maybe looking at a given value as suggested in the post. Of course, a new avr would solve your problem also... :-)
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I thought I would wrap this thread up.

I emailed Onkyo and asked about the possibility of a "one time out of warranty replacement" as suggested by a forum member. Onkyo graciously said they would replace the entire HDMI board in my unit at no cost to me. In addition there was a repair shop locally I could take the unit too so I didnt have to even pay shipping costs.

The Integra is back in the mix and performing like nothing ever happened.

With that said, I am still waiting for a deal on a Pioneer Elite series model with enough power to drive my 4 ohm 89db efficient Polk LSi speakers and will be upgrading to that unit eventually.

For now I will be buying a adapter in order to put a 120mm fan on the integra's top vent to ensure proper airflow.
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