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PLEASE help with in-ceiling speakers

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Unfortunately, I must use in-ceilings speakers for a 5.1 set up. I have attempted to do as must research as possible and have come up with a few options:

Triad Bronze LCR's in front


ML Vanquish for a center and 2 EM-r's for the LR

either set up with cheaper rear surrounds

Need help with a matching sub. Currently considering:

SVS sb12-nsd
SVS sb13-ultra
SVS pb12
SVS pb12 ultra

Sub will by placed on the left rear side firing toward the listening area

System will be the main home system for HT and everyday use. 75% HT 25% music

Currently running with Denon 3808 but may upgrade

Open to all suggestions.

15x27 with wall to wall windows on one 27' foot side and 2 openings to kitchen and dining on the other with a fireplace where the TV will be placed over

All suggestions greatly appreciated!
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I don't have an opinion on the martin logans as I haven't hear the Vanquish or EM-r's but they do not look to angle that much and they do not appear to be enclosed speakers.  I'd go for the Triad system or one that has an enclosure and angles at least 30 degrees.  Speakers need to aim at you to get the best performance.

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If you must use in-ceiling speakers.....I would be looking for those that are angled by at least 30 degrees as mentioned. Revel makes some nice in-ceiling speakers but I'm not sure of the angle. You might look at the Definitive Technology RCS line as well.
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Take a look at Speaker Craft with angling (pivoting) 8" woofer and tweeter.


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Speaker craft only angles 15 degrees.  They aim more down then towards the listener unless sitting very close to them.

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