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Disabling 'HDMI audio' setting under Nvidia 326 Win 7 drivers.

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I recently upgraded an computer OS from XP to 7 and ever since then I have been having issues with the Nvidia 9500gt card drivers. The problem is that every time I boot up the system, I get this most annoying static sound from my Philips HDTV and I disable it however it comes back after reboot. Is there any way to either totally force this to be disabled or trick the driver into thinking that the TV is not capable of taking sound through the DVI-HDMI lead??

I have searched forums for ways to deal with this and the closest I have got is EDID editing, just not for this kind of problem.

Spoken to Nvidia support and there answer is that the card isn't fully compatible with Windows 7 or is actually faulty.
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9500 GT does not support audio (i.e. it does not have a HD audio controller) unless you connect onboard codec (S/PDIF) to the card with a 2-wire cable. Even if onboard audio is connected to 9500 GT, Windows won't send audio if you don't use onboard digital audio codec. What's your default sound playback device in Windows Sound control panel?
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My default audio device is a SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio device which I have connected to the HDTV via a standard 3.5mm jack audio cable but the 9500 GT can take SPDIF connection via soundcard as I don't have a SPDIF output on motherboard.

What I want to do is disable the Nvidia Audio driver without coming back after restart or change it within windows so I don't get the static.

Im good at modifying system files and/or settings if I have a guide cause I don't want to reinstall windows totally from scratch if I can. I've tried a few things as I said before but no luck so far.
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Can't you just uninstall NVIDIA HD audio driver? GeForce driver actually consists of several components and you can install / uninstall individual components (uninstall it from Windows control panel).
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Tried this and the sound continues no matter. The only thing I will say is. The sound stops as soon as I uninstall the Nvidia graphics driver and the other thing is that when I was using the same card under XP, it was all fine though I do know the audio driver does not install under XP.

I did hear from a few other forums that it could be the card trying to send audio down the DVI-HDMI cable even though the card doesnt support that kind of thing. Another person was saying the solution is something to do with creating a custom inf installation file for the HDTV so Windows seems to think the monitor is being connected via non-digital e.g. VGA or PC port. Sorry, Im not very good at explaining it.
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Anyway, when I did try to uninstall and disable the Nvidia Audio under the Sound menu in Control panel, there was nothing there that even resembled Nvidia devices being installed. The only one that was showing was the Sigmatel device.
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Modifying EDID seems to be a viable solution (but I don't know details).
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