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Samsung "F" series model breakdown.

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I am looking for more info on the various features and benefits of current F series displays.

I see the big differences:

5300 no 3D
5500 adds 3D and WiFi
8500 adds more bells and whistles.

WiFi is meaningless to me, so are 4 HDMI ports, 3D would only be a novelty, I am mainly interested in picture quality and long life.

So far other than the "bullet points" I can find much info in the differences.

Any input or links would be much appreciated......thanks.
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Originally Posted by greenland View Post

Why not just read the owner's threads on the various models, along with the professional reviews that have been posted on sites such as Cnet?smile.gif

the f8500 isn't about 'bells and whistles'. it's about pure picture quality.

the 5series are just minor refinements from previous Samsung plasmas. the f8500 is world-class and ranked anywhere from 3rd to best television on the market today.

buy the f8500 if you want the best possible picture and a set that won't be screaming 'upgrade me' in a year or two.

it's unlikely you'll find any direct comparisons between the 5500 and 8500 because there's no point. the 8500 is in a completely difference class, both in price and performance. basically, if the 8500 is in your budget, the 5500 shouldn't be the competition. the vt60 from Panasonic is.

you definitely need to view both of them in person to understand the difference in picture quality.
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Bells and whistles aside, the F8500 has much better video processing and overall picture quality. The F5500 adds the newer Smart TV interface, but the pic quality is still lower level. So it is indeed disappointing that Samsung no longer offers a 7000 or 7500 series that offers top tier video quality at a more affordable price point. Which is why I would choose a Panasonic ST60 if a VT60 or F8500 is a bit beyond your budget. The ST offers higher end pic quality at a more reasonable price. But even at the budget level, the Panasonics offer the better video quality. The S64 at Costco is the best bargain out there.
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I think it was the F5500 I saw facing the F8500 at my local video & electronics store. If it was, the F5500 made me nauseous to watch. It had something to do with the pixels/bulbs. They were like visible on the screen as I was watching it. I felt like there was too much flicker, too. Oh, and let's not forget about the vastly superior picture quality of the F8500 (which I'm looking at right now, calibrated, in my home).

There is no comparison. The Panasonic ST60 does compare, however. Might want to look into that if you want a few less bells and whistles.
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Thanks for the replies, they were very helpful.

I had read owners threads, and reviews for each individual model as well.

However, the last time I put any real time into a TV purchase I was able to find information that got away from the "sellling" points and down the meat of the issue, much like the posts here touch on.

It looks as if the 8500 has no competition from it's lesser siblings.
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I can chime in about the 5300. I have this in my basement man cave, it was an amazing value. I probably would not use this as my primary set, I love my Panasonic GT50, but it's still a great set. I got an open box 51 inch version for $500.00, and it was worth every penny. Does it hold a candle to the 8500, no way, but for it's price it's awesome.

Full Calibration settings - 2 pt and 10 pt WB, Gamma, CMS. I was able to dial it in nearly perfect, out of the box cinema setting was decent though
Cinema Smooth for 24p - must have for me
Solid Black Level for the price - I measured 0.004 fL with my meter, but it does fluctate slightly to 0.006 fL

Screen is very reflective - I keep it dark so no worries for me, looks great in a dark or dim room, not so great in bright lights with darker scenes
Brightness Pops that most people notice with many Samsung Plasmas over the past few years, doesn't bother me too much
Screen doesn't get very bright, I was able to calibrate to 35 fL fine which is perfect to my eyes in a dark room
Only 2 HDMI inputs - I have a receiver anyway, so no worries
No 3D or Smart TV - I don't care lol

Good luck, you can't go wrong with any set in this line this year
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Here I am again...revisiting the option to upgrade my 50" Samsung PN50A650.

My room needs a 60+ set. I am fairly happy with the picture of my current screen, but size is what is I am missing at my viewing distance of 15 or so feet.

I do not have the budget for the PN64F8500. I am pretty much limited to 2k for a set right now. And from the looks of things, if I want another plasma, right now may be the last time to get one.

Panasonic has announced they are leaving the market in the last few days.......FWIW, I feel Samsung WILL be the last player in plasma......so I think I will stay with them as a brand.

That leaves me with either a 64F5500 for right around 2k or while I can still find them, a 64E8000 for just a touch over 2k.

Thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
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