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"Budget" speaker upgrade - Pioneer/Fluance/Energy?

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Looking to replace my ~10 year old JBL 5.1 HTIB setup with something bigger/newer/better.

So I'm looking for a 5.0 setup in the $300 range. In the interest of being cheap, I'll be keeping the JBL subwoofer for now.

I'm currently considering:
  1. Pioneer Andrew Jones FS52,BS22,C22
  2. Fluance AVHTB+
  3. Energy Take Classic 5 Pack

The Energy speakers have good reviews, but they seem awfully small compared to the other 2 options.

Current sale prices put the Pioneer setup about $75 more than the Fluance.
Obviously there's no substitute for actually listening to them, but are the Pioneers going to sound $75 better? (Will I even notice? Anything is going to be improvement over my current gear.)

Is there another option I should be looking at in this price range?
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If you don't have speaker size limitations skip the Take Classics. You'll get much fuller sound out of the Pioneers or Fluance speakers.

The Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers are very well reviewed and popular here on AVS. I've never seen the Fluance speakers except online.

Since the Fluance speakers are an unknown I'd go with the Pioneers. Plus you can listen to them at Best Buy.
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Hard to beat the Pioneers in this price range. My friend just ordered a setup himself. Going to check it out this week when I help him set it up
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Definitely pioneer speakers for their price that crossover have been build for very good results.
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