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Will my setup capture Xbox360 video???????????????

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My 13y/o son is a crazy freak for YouTube videos, especially the ones where people play live action recordings of xbox360 gameplay with the little window where you can see the person playing in the top corner.

So we bought a video capture card and would like some advice ( though people don't ever answer my questions here)

Will this setup be enough to capture these videos or do I need more stuff?
If we put the capture card in a Pci x4 or x8 or x16 slot will it be better????

Avermedia live gamer hd card - dual HDMI Pci x 1
Asus m5a99x evo Rev 1
Amd fx 8320 8 core processor @ 3.8ghz
16gb gskill ddr3 ram
Corrsair 120gb ssd
1tb wd hdd

So I'm wondering is their anything else we would need? We just bought a webcam too.

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setup looks good especially if the goal is Youtube.

not sure how good that included software is. I'd be surprised if it allows you to have a little picture in the corner of the person playing the game. Most likely, you'll need to have a more sophisticated video editor to do multiple video tracks (you record the gameplay and simultaneously record the webcam and then you lay both tracks together in the editor).

It is neat that the included software has provisions for recording the player's audio. Many of the capture devices out there that gamers use do not have that built-in provision (they record what is outputted by the 360 which does not include the game player's chat).

For example, I have the Hauppauge HD PVR. I set the 360 to have chat audio over the speakers. This will audio capture all my friends in the game but it doesn't capture me (because my chat audio is outputted on their Xbox's, not mine). To have my chat integrated, I need to record on the PC and then overlay that audio track. Or I need an audio mixer device which will combine both audios.

good thing you have 16 GB of RAM. RAM is key to video editing. That 1 TB is a good starter.
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Ok so we DESPERATELY NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are using xsplit and are running HDMI from xbox to PC, then HDMI out to TV

We dont know how to configure the audio/mic to record on the Live Gamer hd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son cant get the audio part to work.....

Can someone please help explain how i configure all of this hardware so that my son can record video AND audio???????????

He has

Turtle Beach X12

trying to capture his xbox360 gamplay and his voice with the live gamer hd....

We dont know what cables go where,for audio...

We have all sorts of cables at our disposal including optical, rca etc etc... in the picture attached,it shows how his turtle beach is connected to the xbox360

WHAT NEXT???????

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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before I go into the whole explanation, taking the whole audio chat out of the equation, can you record gameplay with game audio and a proper picture?
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So I assume in terms of just gameplay, you have an HDMI cable coming out of the 360 and going into the HDMI In of the capture card. Then you have and HDMI cable going from the HDMI out of the capture card to the monitor/HDTV. And all the audio is working...

This has to be 100% working fine before we move on to recording chat audio.

I'm not familiar with that recording software and whether it has a Mic In feature which can integrate your son's chat into the game audio.

If it doesn't the ability to automatically integrate your son's chat, you have 2 options.

1) Get a line mixer for around $30. With a line mixer, you plug your son's mic into the mixer and you plug the game audio into the mixer. There are volume knobs on the mixer to adjust volume so your son can be the same level as his friends. The mixer will then output one audio signal to your recorder. The line mixer makes everything super easy. You just hit the record button and record. Audio is hardcoded into the gameplay video.

here's a sample:


2) If you don't want to get a mixer, you will need to record your son's chat audio while also recording the gameplay. Then you use a video editor to lay down both the game play video/audio track with your son's separately recorded chat track. It's more work but if your son is going to edit his videos anyway, it's not that much more work.

In terms of the actual cabling to record all audio, I'm going to assume you go the cheap way (option 2). If you go option 1, it's practically the same steps. follow the instructions for your X12 and hook it up exactly how they describe it. Then you only have 1 simple additional step to follow... On your X12 headset, there's a green plug and a pink plug. The green plug is so your son can hear all his friends and the game in his headset. He still plugs his X12's into his 360 controller like before. The pink plug contains your son's chat audio. Plug that pink plug into the PC's pink mic in jack (or plug it into the audio mixer if you get one). So what you're going to do is load up whatever audio recorder you want to use. I use Windows Sound Recorder which comes with every version of Windows in existence. You hit record on both the capture recorder and Sound Recorder, preferably very close to each other so that you don't have to worry about syncing the audio.

follow this video:

In terms of setting the 360 chat settings, go to Settings > Preferences > Voice. voice volume 10. game volume 1. voice output: play through both. I set game volume to 1 because my preference is to hear all of my friends, even the ones with terrible low volume mics. When it's set to 1, the game volume will be normal but when someone speaks, it drops the game volume level enough so that the person is very clear. The only issue is when people are constantly talking, it will be very disruptive to the game audio recording. Imagine watching a cutscene in Halo where there is dialogue and your friends talk which makes the game dialogue difficult to hear. That's why we have a rule of no talking during cutscenes. I tried leaving the game volume at 6 and you couldn't hear some people's chat. It all depends on your priorities. I want to look back and hear my friends. That's the most important part of gameplay videos.

if you've followed the video and it still doesn't work, let me know what you did and I can try to help out.
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So,my son is getting some seriously loud feedback when opening xsplit....

Secondly,from the looks of what you are saying,the Mixer method is the ONLY way to record everything,WITH EASE,without needing to go through all the muxing tracks together etc etc...

So yes,we will need the easy way/..

im really surprised that with all this equipment,that he cant do this already but whatevr...if you tell me he needs mixer,then thats what he needs right? we dont want seperate trax whatsoever.....
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is the feedback only in xsplit? do you get feedback on your x12 headset as well?

okay, I did a quick dig at the xsplit website to see what this software is:

here's the diagram setup for the 360.

the left side of the diagram is the simplest method. but it has a problem in that you will be recording both the 360 audio and PC audio combined. which is not a good situation (like if you get an email notification or an IM, etc. etc.). This is strange how the Avermedia is doing thing by combining combine both PC and 360 audio... But yeah, it is what it is. The design of the Avermedia is strange to me.

the right side is the setup to avoid combining PC and 360 audio. so according to the diagram (and your X12's).... you have your X12 connected to the 360 audio adapter like you have in your diagram. then you would have an RCA red/white cable that terminates in a 3.5 mm plug (stereo, not mono). The RCA red/white will connect to the 360 audio adpater. That 3.5 mm plug will plug into the microphone jack of your PC. then xsplit is going to record the game audio through this Mic IN (really weird). and apparently xsplit also has a built-in function to record commentary. so what they're saying is if you want both your son's and his friends' audio, you will need a Y cable that has 2 3.5mm female jacks on one end and 1 3.5mm male plug on the other end. so the male end will plug into the microphone jack. your son will plug his pink plug from the X12 into one of those 3.5mm female jacks and plug the 360 audio into the remaining 3.5 mm plug. then in xsplit, he'll have to fiddle with volume levels so that your son's volume matches his friends.

if you can handle that, your son's audio will be hardcoded into the video. and you'll be done. Since the xsplit does have commentary capabilities (assuming you get the cabling down), it's pretty similar to a real mixer. The only difference at that point is it's easer to adjust volume levels with the mixer than it is inside xsplit.

you should be hearing his friends' chat audio if you set up the 360 preferences like in the video above. there's no way you could get game audio without chat audio with the settings in the video.
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