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AVR-3313CI: AirPlay fail

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my new denon is awesome.

one problem: no AirPlay

i've done the software update so i know it has the latest firmware, and that it is properly on the network
i can use my iPhone to control it so i'm very sure it's all working just fine

i can see it in iTunes, but when i select it, nothing happens, it reverts back to internal speakers
if i try AirFoil, i get a bunch of error info:
Please include the following information when contacting Rogue Amoeba Support.

Domain: SSAirfoilErrorDomain

Code: -1500

NSLocalizedDescription: RTSP Protocol Error

NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion: Airfoil received an unexpected status code (Code: 500, Reason: Internal Server Error).

SSHTTPStatusCodeKey: 500

SSRTSPRequest: SETUP rtsp:// RTSP/1.0
Active-Remote: 694308901
Client-Instance: 5FDF7A54D212B4CD
CSeq: 3
User-Agent: Airfoil/4.8.0 (Macintosh; N; Intel)
X-Slipstream-Remote-Port: 44461
Transport: RTP/AVP/UDP;unicast;interleaved=0-1;mode=record;control_port=6002;timing_port=6003

SSRTSPResponse: RTSP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
Server: AirTunes/103.2
CSeq: 3
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Review the Airplay tips I have listed in post #3 of the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig and below ...


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thanks! i looked at all that, and it seems everything is correct, yet i still get an error when attempting to connect to the Denon.

my unit is wired in to the network
the "Denon" speakers appear in both iTunes and in AirFoil, ready to be selected (ie: the icon IS showing up)
when i attempt a selection of the available speaker, in iTunes, nothing happens, iTunes just ignores my input, audio continues to go out the default speakers
attempt on AirFoil, i get the error above, i do NOT get the error “Airplay Speaker Not Available”.

so, i was hoping that AirPlay would "take over" regardless of what source i currently have selected.
is it the case that i must manually switch to "Net/USB" source first, in order to hear AirPlay?

if so, wouldn't you think that the "Denon" speakers wouldn't even broadcast their availability when you're NOT set to the "Net/USB" source? that would make more sense to me
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What device are you using with iTunes? Have you tried resetting it?
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see the title of this thread, and yes.

must i select the "Net/USB" source in order for AirPlay to work? if so, why is the airplay speaker even AVAILABLE when "Net/USB" is NOT selected as source?
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The 3313CI is the AVR ... Airfoil and itunes the software ... what device are you using to serve the audio to the 3313CI?
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hmm, i'm not using a "device" to send audio to the Denon, i'm using iTunes (version 11.0.4). when i pick it i get "An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device “Denon”. An unknown error occurred (-15000)."
AirFoil version 4.8.0 (detailed error in first message).

sorry, i don't know what you mean by "Device". to me the "Device" i'm trying to select as my AirPlay speakers (from iTunes/AirFoil) *is* the Denon 3313CI.
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Device = MAC note book, iPad, iPhone, etc.

Not familiar with Airfoil,, but you already indicated that the issue occurs when not using Airfoil as well.
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sorry, yes, it happens on all computers via iTunes and AirFoil, it also happens on my iPhone and iPad via "Music.app"
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Although the NET/USB source does not have to be selected, the AVR does have to have the IP Control setting set to "Always ON" which is not the factory default setting.
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yes, mine is set to "Always On". and by the way i never turn the unit off anyway.
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What router/modem is the unit wired in to? Have you adjusted settings as noted in the links I previously provided?
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it is wired to an AirPort Extreme (recent flat model, not the tall model).

i thoroughly read thru each of your AirPlay links, and saw nothing that applied to my situation (eg: the AirPlay icon is definitely showing up, so it's not that). Do you have a specific recommendation?
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Hi Friends,


I I live in Brazil and bought in the U.S. an AV 3330cl.

Optimum machine but he had the same problem as above.

The Airplay icon appears on all devices, Iphone, Ipad but when I try to command 3330 an error message "15007" appears.
Already updated the firmware but still could not solve.
Any tips?


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My Denon is 3313CL

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I am having exactly the same issue with a 3312ci. Net/USB works ok to stream. As soon as I try to Airplay from Itunes 11 on an iMac, it fails. I have actually isolated this down to a problem with Itunes 11 and the Denon talking to each other. I have an ipad and an iphone, and airplay from those devices works perfectly. It also used to Airplay fine from itunes 10.x. I wonder whether an update will be coming soon from Denon to resolve the issue?
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