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Setup for bedroom

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I wasn't really sure where to put this as I do belive I already know what speakers i'm going to try however I'm open to opinions. However I need some opinions on a few other things.

I'm not looking to spend a ton of money, anywhere between 200-400 dollars for everything..

I have a smaller bedroom, and not something i'm really looking to fill with a ton of sound, just a nice sounding little setup I can listen to and relax on those days where I have a migraine or just need a few minutes to get away. Generally I use my living room setup but sometimes I just want to get my jam on and don't want to bother my wife and kid.

I'm looking for a 2 channel setup, obviously will need an AMP to drive them and I am also looking for some sort of wireless or bluetooth type setup I can attach so that I can stream from my phone or even from my network.. something simple and easy to use that i can control from my Android or my Wifes iphone, something similar to a SONOS if you will..

I'm thinking of giving the Cambridge S30's a try however i'm open to options
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Similar situation - I have a nexus q (with a built in amplifier), currently looking at the Cambridge Audio S30, Deftech ProMonitor 800 or 1000, Polk Audio RTi-A1 /A3 as possible candidates. Using the nexus q provides me with a couple of options to control music for this bedroom setup.

Shady195 - Your choice of amp and its connectivity will dictate how well you will be able to control music from your android device.

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