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Wyowolf's Lone Wolf Theater build...

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Well after years of reading about building a dedicated HT/Music room I am finally almost there!!!!! We bought a new house a couple months ago and it has a nearly unfinished basement with 9ft walls. The basement sits below grade except at the far end, which is open.

The dimensions are roughly 16x66 or so. Obviously will be making that long room into a HT room then a bar entertainment area on the remaining side, along with a brewery on the other side of the basement.

so 16x 22 or so sounds about right?

So far i haven't done any building, still in the pre pre planning stages smile.gif

I will follow the pattern of the rest of the house, box ceilings , for the theater/bar area.

I am still debating whether or not to build the speakers, I have a pair of Salk ST's that I use upstairs which I really love, but have been wanting to build the Statements so I may go that route or another?? Stens? SEOS?

will build an 7.1 set up. once I figure out how to use sketchup I will try and draw up whats in my head. Budget is not fixed but not unlimited either.

I will be doing as much of it myself as possible. using the standard method of GG/Two layers of DW. and Clips.

Will try and update in a few days if i figure out how to use sketchup!!

here are a couple pics...

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Sounds like it is going to be a great project.  I will definitely be watching this one.  Make sure to document everything including the brewery biggrin.gif.

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Well since your one of the ones I am stealing most of my ideas from I guess thats ok smile.gif
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Most of my ideas came from right here on AVS, so don't feel bad.smile.gif

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After finally getting everything sort of settled down I finally got to start brewing again. two weeks ago I brewed an AG IPA Dead Ringer Clone, added some pellets to it last night and sampled it... damn good!! I finally got a free fridge to use as a ferm chamber.. works great!
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Brewery? Subscribed! wink.gifcool.gif
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What a great space to work with. I can't wait to see how the brewery turns out. I think the name works really well especially since there is a brewery involved.

The Statements look like very nice speakers. It would be a good idea to get the exact dimensions and layout of your room done first before doing the speaker thing. After you know where your seats will be and the distances and angles and all that you can choose a speaker that fits your needs. Depending on your distance from the speaker I would be careful counting on that ribbon tweeter to deliver uncompressed 105 db peaks but I am sure it sounds fantastic when not over driven.

Should be fun to watch the space transform and see the beer start flowing!
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Thanks, i am anxious to see how it turns out myself!!

I haven't made any determinations on speakers, other then the Song towers which I already have and had originally planned on using.
I had planned to put them on the stage since they look fantastic... the surrounds can be on/in wall.

I will probably get the brewery done first cause it will be easier and cheaper. I just have to set up a 50 panel over there and I can start framing in and dry walling. the Theater next then the bar area last probably... there is already a nice little corner cut in for the brewery area and will put a beam up and open up that long wall past the theater about 15ft or so for the bar area.

I guess it would make sense to start with the screen against the far concrete wall. That pipe comes down about 28ft from there so i shouldnt have to go back that far.

I plan to put the gear over in that area as well, behind the screen or a small closet to hold it.

I have a Pioneer SC35 which I will probably use. I may get a sep amp like emotiva but for now i have no probs driving my current setup.
looking at an Epson 8530 proj.

I am amazed at some of the sketchup drawings here... I just started and cant figure out how you guys do it... smile.gif
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