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Watched 'The Tall T' on TCM the night before he passed away.

I revisited The Tall T on DVD last night. Also watched the extras which were quite interesting. The movie shared some of the same plot elements in Hombre.

I had long wondered what the T meant in the title. According to Turner Classics:
While the film was known as The Captives through production, before release it was retitled The Tall T, a puzzling choice. Boetticher later wrote: "It took Burt and me five months to discover why and what the 'T' stood for. There was another picture registered as The Captives, and rather than go to court over the title, some young executive in New York thought of The Tall T. We finally discovered the 'T' came from the first letter in 'Tenvoorde,' the owner of the ranch where Randy goes to buy the Brahma bull."|362757&name=The-Tall-T