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These are two common SPL meters.

Without them you can only guess at what levels are sufficient for you.

Workmans occupational safety exposure recommendations

Another words you should never play a movie above105db, and never play anything above 115db.

But I never let that stop me hehe redface.gifbiggrin.gif

This is with 4 subwoofers: Quad LMS-18's

This is with 8 subwoofers: Quad LMS-18's and Quad Dayton 18's.

You should be close to 1/3 or 1/4 of my SPL here. A good 105 or 110db I would think.

It should be 3 to 6 times louder than the HSU VTF-15h, for a pair or quad set of Dayton's with 1 or 2 nu3kDSP's.

For $550 this subwoofer would be somewhere between the LMS-18 and the HO-18's performance. Definitely a step up.
You get what you pay for...
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Okay, thank you for your input and info. So if I run a dual dayton setup it should theoretically be 3 times louder than the hsu, in relation to that what would the suggestex re audio dual setup achieve for the extra $500? And what amp would I need and what size box?
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