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Millskin vs alternatives...

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Just making a quick thread so I can make sure I'm making the best choice here...

I'm looking to build a 100 inch screen for my Optoma HD131Xe.

Throw distance will be 10' 11" which with a Zoom of 1.20x will give me a 16:9 screen size of exactly 100" diagonally.

I've done a fair amount of research and I believe a white over light silver millskin screen is my best option if I want to keep it reasonably priced and avoid painting.

Are there any other better diy options or even thing such such as carls progray that will give me better performance while keeping a reasonable(under $150ish) budget?

Also, could I simply staple the screen to the wall or is it better to build a frame? Building a frame is no problem I just know sintra stapled to the wall is often preferred, but not sure how it goes with these spandex screens.

Thanks for all your help! I did as much research as possible so hoping this thread is okay smile.gif

Edit: not opposed to simply rolling on a paint on the wall either if that will provide a superior performance. But spraying my wall is likely out of the question.
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If your wall is smooth a painted screen would give you an improved picture at around the same cost as the spandex screen. The spandex is mainly attractive for its low cost and acoustic transparency for those who want to locate their speakers behind the screen. MaxxMudd LL would probably be the best choice, since you don't want to spray.
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Made with GIMPI couldn't have said it better myself.
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The main reson I used spandex was for the locating my speakers behind my screen concept. If you are not going to do that painting a wall will be much simpler and cheaper.
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