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can you record from hdmi ouput ?:

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Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, however come October my cableco (Time Warner) is eliminating analog and QAM cable transmission. My Sony DHG has been recording from QAM cable (and OTA) since I bought it. Now the signal will be gone, I'm wondering if there's a way to RECORD from the HDMI ouput of the new "Digital Adapter" box necessary to view broadcast channels. These boxes have a CH3/4 75ohm RF output, and an HDMI output. I'm assuming that the RF output is in standard definition, as opposed to the old QAM HD signals. Is there a way to "record" the HDMI ouput ( or more accurately ) convert the signal to something useable by the Sony ? BTW, I saw an inexpensive HDMI to RGB cable on EBay, wondering if it would work for my Sony RDR-HX715 that has Component Input.
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Recording from HDMI is technically possible, but almost all video providers will use HDCP to prevent you from doing so. AFAIK about the only devices that will allow you to record from HDMI are game consoles (for people who want to post gameplay videos online). The fact that your cable company is ending ClearQAM support means that it is starting to encrypt all of its programming, so recording from your STB's HDMI output will surely be blocked.

As for your DHG, those supposedly have CableCard support, so you could rent a CableCard to let the DHG see your encrypted channels. Now that TVGOS is gone, though, you can't set the DHG's time and date anymore, which makes it rather difficult to use, even if you configure it to decrypt your channels.
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You might be able to record from the HDMI output with a HDMI>Composite/S-Video converter. One cheap one is described here... you can find many others online. Buy from a place with easy return policy in case it doesn't work.

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I seem to remember something called "Black Magic Intensity" box years ago that was supposedly able to record HDMI output into a computer bypassing the HDCP content protection. The Sony DHG has no available inputs other than Cable and Antenna In connections, I would think if it's tuned to analog channel 3, the output of the Time Warner Digital Converter can be recorded, albeit in standard definition.

In my area, Time Warner Cable Cards do not support the Sony DHG, only TIVO's. Bummer ....
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The best option that I know to deal with HDCP is to convert the HDMI to analog component and then record with the Hauppauge HD-PVR if you want to record HDMI signals that have HDCP.. This model also will record directly from HDMI if HDCP is not present.


This converter is HDCP compliant so you can use about any source, but the Hauppauge will only record up to 1080i resolution so your source needs to be set no higher than 1080i not 1080P. This converter also has SPDIF optical output so you can record 5.1 channel sound.


Mike T
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Thanks very much for these suggestions.... however I don't think the HDMI output from the Time Warner converter box will be unencrypted or without HDCP protection of some kind. Can't be... that easy ! I'm basing this on the description of the Hauppauge box on Amazon. Since the Sony DHG and most of my DVD recorders do not have Component Inputs, that just leaves computer-based recording or down-converting 1080i to 480i standard def.

I've gotten "spoiled" the last few years, being able to record broadcast channels in 1080i, using the Sony DHG, two DTV Pal DVR's, and an LG
LST-3410A. Going back to std def for me would be like recording TV on VHS in the 90's....
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The HDMI to HD component converter in my above post will allow the HD-PVR to record any content from HDMI, it does work, just cost some money check out the links I sent, you don't have to go back to SD. Does the cable box have a working firewire port? You may be able to capture the mpeg stream that way. On Comcast I can capture all HD channels except for the premium movie channels using firewire stream to my computer.

Mike T
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Thanks Mike, I did check out both links, but it doesn't solve my problem. Right now, with the existing QAM signals, all the broadcast channels are in Hi Def. All my recorders have digital tuners that can record HD channels in 480i, then upconvert to 1080p. The Hi Def machines like the Sony DHG record IN Hi Def 1080i. After October, the QAM HD signal will be gone, the only way to view it is to use these cableco digital converter boxes that have a 75ohm CH3 output and an HDMI port. Using the Hauppauge as an HDMI to Component converter will not help, since none of my machines have a Component Input.

My Scientific Atlanta cable box does have a working firewire port, but the only channels available are the broadcast ones like CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. Regular cable channels like TNT, USA etc.
have a copy protection flag in place. I tried recording from the cable box firewire port years ago on my laptop, the results weren't good. Also tried recording on a desktop computer, it was too
convoluted using Windows Media Center and other software programs to record TV shows.
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The HDMI to component convert is about $65, then you take the HD component output from the converter and connect to the Hauppague HD-PVR and record HD video with digital sound with the HD-PVR and it connects to your computer by USB. The quality is very close to the original HDMI signal and there is no encryption and you don't use Media Center, I never have. You end up with HD up to 1080i with digital sound up to 5.1 Dolby as an H264 encoded .ts file that can be converted to MKV or AVCHD or Blu-Ray or just play from your computer or a media player, I use the WD Live to play most files. No upconversion needed just capture in any resolution up to 1080i with digital sound. You do have to spend around $240, but you can capture from HDMI un-restricted from any source up to 1080i including VOD and streaming sources.

Mike T
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You also must be willing to sit through the entire program you wish to copy, since the capture process takes place in real time.
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What other sources of programming are faster than "real time"? I guess DVD or Blu-Ray but I don/t know of any way for OTA or Cable or SAT. Even if I capture firewire from my cable box played back from the DVR hard drive it is still "real time"

Mike T
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When you save the raw MPEG-2 transport stream, the copying speed is only limited by your hardware. DVRs with Ethernet usually let you copy an hour of 1080i material in twenty minutes, which is 3x faster than having to play the program at 1x (and has the added benefit of no quality degradation due to transcoding and D-A conversion).
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Originally Posted by Aleron Ives View Post

When you save the raw MPEG-2 transport stream, the copying speed is only limited by your hardware. DVRs with Ethernet usually let you copy an hour of 1080i material in twenty minutes, which is 3x faster than having to play the program at 1x (and has the added benefit of no quality degradation due to transcoding and D-A conversion).

Did not the raw MPEG-2 stream get saved in "real time" first? I am not sure what kind of DVR captures programming faster than real time. Once it is captured then there may be ways to transfer it faster than real time. Using the Hauppauge HD-PVR you can schedule recordings to be made whenever they are broadcast, you do not have to set in front of the computer and watch the real time capture. I wish my cable box could stream hard drive captures out the firewire port faster then real time but it will not.

Mike T
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If you perform captures during the original broadcast, then you would indeed have lost no time. I was assuming you'd be capturing after having watched the recording at least once, so you'd know if it was something you'd even want to save at all.
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