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Have you checked Samsung Smart Hub Explore 3D recently?!

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When I first got the TV, the app had only a handful of content and hardly anything I was interested in so I never took it seriously. 3D blu ray releases are slow at the moment and the Xfinity 3D selection has always been lacking, so I thought I'd check the Explore 3D app again. It now has a TON of content. Interesting stuff like into the jungle with wildlife, the oceans, ancient civilizations, etc. There was 96 items in the new arrivals section. The kid section had over 100 items, and music had around 60. Sports is still lacking though, witn only 5.

I'd like it to continue to grow, because unlike most blu rays and Xfinity, the content will be fullscreen and none of that letterbox crap smile.gif. Some of the content are those 5-6 minute showcases, but there's a fair amount of full 45-90 minute documentaries. Blows the cable selection away.
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LG 3D World has also a lot of content. The 13 clips of Rio Carnival are great.
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45 minute Whale and Dolphin tribes show was awesome. It was a Blue Whale or Fin Whale, one of the bigger ones, but its fins and tale kept coming out the screen as the cameraman shot it swimming near the surface. They included some Manatee footage as well.

There's a computer animated show about animals good at camaflouge. The weird thing is, they chose a little child-voiced bee character as the narrator. The show is VIOLENT biggrin.gif! They show various animals and insects using their camaflouge to ambush, kill, and eat their prey smile.gif! A kiddy character probably wasnt the smartest choice. Attenborough maybe.
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No such app on my Samsung 3D player...only 3D CRAVE and YABAZAAM 3D. (but that's typical for Samsung...once a product is purchased, they cease support. They never add anything...but they sure do delete!)
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Hmm...I have to check my Samsung blu ray player. That has Smart Hub as well, but maybe not the Explore 3D app, and thats exclusive to my tv model? I thought everyone had it. Well, one things for sure, its being supported with more 3D content than I have in the Xfinity On Demand 3D section. There's over 100 items, and its gonna take me a while to see the 30 or so of that I'd be interested in. I was watching a good one about prehistoric marine reptiles and the history of evolution. Xfinity's slim selection is so old you can see cobwebs on the screen!
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