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Frustrated with 55GA7900

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Maybe someone can help me out with this before I return this TV:

1. I cannot manually adjust any settings for picture. There is a menu setting for picture quality but when selected it tells you that adjustment is made only with Live TV and Playback functions.

2. I cannot get it to connect to the internet. Could the above problem be because I have not fully set up the Google TV?

I could care less about the Google TV function. I purchased this because of price on an open box item at BB and the need to replace my Panasonic Plasma with the 10-blinks of death.
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It sounds like the set is not receiving a TV or recorded playback signal, and wants you to be watching "TV" instead of being online when adjusting picture settings.

Possibly the set comes up in the internet or smart online mode instead of the TV mode. But since you can't connect to the internet, you are not seeing the icons for Netflix, YouTube, etc. Find a menu item like General, Setup, etc., and look for a setting to stop it from defaulting to the online/smart mode, but to simply come up as a TV when you turn it on.

When you get the TV part working, then you can work on the internet problem
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It is in TV Mode.
I reestablished my internet connection and the TV will still not connect.
I was able to get into the custom menu's last night, but after saving the Expert 1 settings I couldn't get back in again.
There appears to be a lack of knowledge all around with this TV.
I'm convinced its going back this weekend, too bad, because the picture is phenomenal and the price was right.
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Here's a link to the owners thread for your TV. There are only 62 messages, possibly your answer is in there already. If not, post your question in that thread and get some help. Good luck.

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