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Streaming from media player

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Hi everyone I've just joined the forum and I'm hoping you can help me out.

I've got a sumvision cyclone 2TB media player hooked up to my TV downstairs. Its connected via HDMI to the TV. I only really watch MKV's on it as I like the quality of HD. I connect the media player via USB to my laptop to transfer files to the media players hard drive.

My question is is there anyway I can stream the content from the media player downstairs to my HD TV upstairs? At the minute I have to unplug everything and carry it upstairs which is a bit of a pain!

I do have an Xbox 360 and Virgin TiVo boxes upstairs and downstairs if these could be of any use? I also have wireless internet.
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Unless your other TV supports MKV the answer is no. The best thing to do would be to centralize your files by using a NAS or server, and having a media player in each location.

Or if your current media player support NAS features, you can access the file from the other TV, but you will need another media player.
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