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powered sub not working

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I just purchased what I hope will be my dream system. Yamaha RX3030 receiver, Klipsch RF7 ll, Klipsch center, and a Premier Acoustics 15" powered subwoofer. Have front speakers working fine but nothing is happening with my sub. It has to out puts in the back of sub and only 1 in the receiver for a sub. So I bought a Y subwoofer cable and still nothing. Very frustrated, any help would be great. Maybe I should hire a geek squad, any thoughts here?
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Welcome to AVS Russell. Don't hire a geek squad - you've come to the right place! smile.gif

Lets get some obvious things out of the way:

Have you run the auto set-up/YPAO? Alternately, have you entered the manual setup menu to tell the AVR that a sub is connected for use?

What playback content are you using to check sub output? Does it have an LFE (0.1) channel or content low enough to be re-directed to the sub?

You mention "out puts" on the sub - do you mean inputs?
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Make sure the sub is plugged in and powered on. Generally, a "Y" connector cable is not required, rather you can simply run the single cable from the AVR to the "L" connector on the sub. With sub powered on, pull the cable from the AVR and rub your finger over the tip .. hear static from the sub? If no, then there's either an issue with the cable itself or the sub is defective. If yes, there may be an issue with the AVR .. ensure all speakers are set to SMALL or 80Hz.
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thank you for the reply. Yes i mean inputs. This sub has a lot of controls on the back of it for many different levels. Not too sure what they all mean yet. I have not run the receiver to tell it that a sub is connected. This receiver has so many options. It used to be so easy. I have installed all of my previous stereo stuff, but this is my first highend stereo. I will try your recommendations and see what happens.
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